Instagram vs. Reality: Influencer empowers her followers

This influencer is showing her followers that you don't need the perfect body, pose, or angle to both look and feel beautiful.

10/09/2020 22:00

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  • utkarsh singh
    08/09/2021 12:34


  • Diggs T.
    12/04/2021 00:24

    Be you it takes guts to take a photo show some the one who talk about are the hater they want to be that ""bold and daring". They have the choices to turn the other way, turn the page not follow or not to friend requests you. CHOICES.

  • Josip M.
    11/04/2021 15:45

    Oh Philip, dear prince... You forgot this one too 🤷🏻‍♂️ forgive her Philip, she knows not what she does 🙏🏻

  • Margret V.
    10/04/2021 15:45

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  • Steve K.
    09/04/2021 18:12

    Nice one

  • Martha G.
    09/04/2021 15:31

    Your empowerment to all women

  • Juanito C.
    09/04/2021 07:27


  • Jewel A.
    09/04/2021 05:15

    Why are people showing their butt.