Living with severe acne: Mattéa tells her story

At 16, Mattéa developed severe acne from stress. Despite the cruel comments and bullying, she's taken to TikTok to show support to other young girls like her who are struggling to accept themselves.

16/04/2021 17:04actualizado: 16/04/2021 17:06

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  • Farzana I.
    un día

    Your acne does not define you💚 No one's skin is perfect💟

  • Neha N.
    2 días

    Hey hii im from indian ,honey you really look beautiful dear cause this acne will go as time flies away so dnt worry..

  • Claudia B.
    2 días

    Dealing with acne is not easy

  • Robert T.
    2 días

    It's nature problem and solution also there in nature. It's take time to be back.

  • Raheela M.
    3 días

    Narkchoor powder is best remedy for acne. You can use one table spoon of narkchoor with water on empty stomach or before going to bed in night for best results.

  • Uttara S.
    3 días

    You are beautiful and confident. Acne is painful and induced by stress many times. I tried making a few changes in my own diet along with medication. Also washing one's face with water a few times daily and staying away from cosmetics till the skin clears miraculously. Don't let negative comments demoralise you.

  • Rebecca C.
    3 días

    Pure Aloe vera soap is very helpful. Tried and tested. If youbwant to try

  • Jacqueline H.
    3 días

    You are beautiful.

  • Simanta K.
    3 días

    U r so beautiful

  • Ari E.
    3 días

    You look Beautiful sister

  • Roslyn P.
    3 días

    Obviously her diet

  • Sirat L.
    3 días

    She should see a doctor

  • Indrani M.
    3 días

    I really empathize with you. This is really difficult for any young girl to go through. If this type of break out is stress related you have to look for ways to cope and keep stress to a minimum. I hope you get the correct medical treatment to hasten the process. This kind of problem affects your confidence level even though you are very brave to do this video. Your boyfriend is also to be commended for his support and true friend behaviour I wish you the best as you overcome this challenge in your young life.

  • Vikash B.
    4 días


  • SK A.
    4 días

    In my eyes you are a lot beautyful than many hollywood and bollywood actress. Rise up sis.

  • Anya B.
    4 días

    She is beautiful

  • Indranil C.
    4 días

    She looks drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

  • John T.
    4 días

    She's so ugly. So don't say like she's beautiful. People pretend to say she's beautiful. But they make fun and reject other ugly people who are not even close to her.

  • Le J.
    4 días


  • Priya N.
    4 días

    Please drink too much water, this ache, Will definitely go away, and your skin looks beautiful. This aches is happening because of less quantity of water in body, avoid oily and fatty food. Drink more water, eat fruits (watermelon, grapes etc)