Why Does India Have So Few Women Judges?

CJI Ramana channelled a surprising thinker as he batted for 50% women's reservation in the judiciary... 👀

28/09/2021 16:34actualizado: 28/09/2021 16:35
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  • Idoncare Y.
    10/10/2021 13:43

    Come on. Grow up. When do people stop judging persons based on their speech? Winston Churchil gave a speech better than any one in the world. And Hitler topped in speeches. But the ground reality is they both are mass murderers. Irony is, as people who lost 4 million ancestors to a famine created by churchill, we Indians are reading his speeches as part of 9 the standard syllabus. Coming to the point, CJ Ramana was benefitted by Amaravathi land scam. He denied investigation into that scam. Feminism, dalits and minority is used to hide his mistakes time and again. There was investigation into his character right before his appointment as CJI. And the investigation is national secret. No one knows what happened.

  • Purusothama N.
    30/09/2021 04:53

    Best CJ I have seen in 66 years of my age. Others are mongering for MP post, SC name was tarnished last few years. My request don't budge of politicians. Name of this country and justice will go to air. Please believe in democracy but God sake don't sale images of SC. Only hope justice SC is God's verdict.

  • Sonia S.
    29/09/2021 17:34

    Absolutely true 👍

  • Nitin B.
    29/09/2021 11:54

    Hmmmm Why were everyone silent before !!! Hooooo- there were no human rights then. !!!

  • Mk S.
    29/09/2021 11:40

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  • Sruthi P.
    29/09/2021 10:19

    He is love ❤️

  • Sana K.
    29/09/2021 03:40

    Only sane person left in judiciary

  • Vinay J.
    28/09/2021 23:48

    They have surpaassed men only on one field, stripping and lessening their clothes, even some hot pants are shorter than men's underwears.

  • Ben Jackson
    28/09/2021 21:10

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  • Shennu K.
    28/09/2021 20:33

    We need many more great gentlemen and thinkers like Ramana sir

  • Archana S.
    28/09/2021 19:26

    Gem of a Person ❤, Great Revolutionary CJI Ramana Sir !! Hatts Off to respected CJI Ramana Sir, Salute to his Spirit, Courage, Honesty and Clarity of Thoughts for Voicing Women's Rights ❤ for 50% representation in Judiciary and every Spheres of Society, asking Women to Shout Out and Demand 💙 what they Rightly deserve out of thousands of years of supression, being Straightforward saying no one is doing any charity by this, its Women's Rights, Heartily Grateful to Him putting the Truth as it Is ❤🙏. He is one of the best CJI our India ever had, one of the most Honest, Humble, Sensitive, Intelligent, Straightforward, Justice Loving, Progressive CJI.

  • Brut India
    28/09/2021 19:21

    Here's why it took so long:

  • Bijendra C.
    28/09/2021 19:18

    Toh kar na bhosdike kisne roka hai me lord ki aulaad

  • Eureka L.
    28/09/2021 18:29

    Wow!! It takes a Great Man to say this. Appreciate this move Resp. Justice Ramana. Hope to meet you someday at a Judicial Forum or Conference.

  • Atia U.
    28/09/2021 17:43

    Thank you Justice Ramanna

  • Nasreen S.
    28/09/2021 17:27

    👍🙏❤️ long live Justice Ramanna..!

  • Don D.
    28/09/2021 16:50