The UK vs the Netherlands on floods

Most of the UK is prone to flooding, and so is the Netherlands. This is why they're much better prepared. 🌊

15/11/2019 13:00
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  • Sammy K.
    21/11/2019 02:23

    maybe if goverment STOP putting our money in their pockets......clean out gutters and storm drains instead of them all blocked up for yrs.. wud help somewat....

  • Roy E.
    20/11/2019 23:58

    This video is completely fraudulent and is part of a UN Mencken fraud which leads to Ponzi schemes. It is misleading on several levels. First, it lumps together coastal erosion, tidal surges, heavy rain, inland floods into a new catch-all creation called "Climate Change". Secondly, it mis-attributes these tribulations to human activity in the form of burning fossil fuels rather than natural phenomena and poor planning. A few years ago I was involved in a project at UEA. This was in the days before the invention of "Climate Change", which was then called "Global Warming", which itself followed on from an early invention called "Global Cooling". The project involved convincing primary and secondary school children that humans were altering the climate by burning coal, oil and natural gas. This was part of a larger project to convince the adult population of the Western World of the same idea. The central organisation promoting it was the UN, with regional organisations such as PIK, and local organisations such as the UKCCC which seem to have produced this video. The objective of the UN project was nothing to do with altering the climate, saving the Planet, or protecting the population, but to effect global wealth redistribution by banning cheap, dispatchable, usable energy sources in the West but encouraging then in China and India. At UEA we had considerable taxpayer funding and pressure to participate in this project. But it is entirely a "Project Fear" project: to make the population fear that something terrible will happen to them or their grandchildren unless they pay money to the project managers. It's much the same as any doomsday sect, or scams run by TV evangelists, or the mediaeval indulgence scam, or the Halley's Comet Poisoning Scare but on a much larger scale and backed by changes in local legislation. The Ponzi schemes the project spawns are "renewables". The idea is to offer incentives to an expensive "renewable" source of energy, paid for by taxing the cheap "non-renewable" source. This benefits early uptakers but eventually the scheme breaks because there are not enough non-renewable customers available to fund the subsidies of the renewable customers, resulting in civil unrest and collapse of the scam. A recent political angle on this is to penalize companies to companies who fail to share in the fraud, such as by delisting them from markets. I have reported this type of fraud to Action Fraud and my MP. For further information on how the biggest pseudo-scientific fraud ever perpetrated was developed, here is an introductory video. Incidentally, the sea-level rise (relative to land) around the North Sea (e.g. Holland and East Anglia) is about ten centimetres per century, compared to the global rate of about thirty centimetres per century; this rate has been maintained since the end of the last Ice Age and is unalterable by humans.

  • Hilary B.
    20/11/2019 21:51

    Another factor they fail to take into account is the huge importation of wines beers lagers and other items. That ends up back in the rivers as sewage effluent.

  • David R.
    20/11/2019 21:34

    Most of the UK is not prone to flooding utter rubbish!

  • Nick A.
    20/11/2019 21:27

    Erm.. is it because they have a sensible centre-left government which works for the people ? 🤔🤔

  • Stephen S.
    20/11/2019 20:25

    No surprised

  • Teresa D.
    20/11/2019 18:46

    We are an island

  • Christopher C.
    20/11/2019 18:21

    Hmm well lets not forget we are surrounded by WATER

  • Brian H.
    20/11/2019 17:08

    Uk governments ar frighetend to spend money

  • Mick G.
    20/11/2019 16:49

    They are better prepared because Uk politicians are incompetent and to busy accepting big pay checks lying to the population and fighting amongst themselves!!

  • Marc R.
    20/11/2019 16:29

    Aren't coastal erosion and flooding two different things?

  • Sheffield D.
    20/11/2019 16:09


  • Roy M.
    20/11/2019 15:38

    They still allowing the east coast to go to sea, lots of england disappearing each year.

  • Stephen C.
    20/11/2019 15:34

    No global warming in them days

  • Carl C.
    20/11/2019 14:41

    UK Governments couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery! They only ever think to the next election, and trying to stay in power, absolute travesty.

  • Maureen S.
    20/11/2019 14:36

    Our governments prefer to spend our taxes on overseas aid and our own people

  • Vicki F.
    20/11/2019 11:10

    So when did the “ global warming “ actually start? ☹️🇬🇧

  • Angel M.
    20/11/2019 10:15

    Love the Tony Montana music.

  • Alex S.
    20/11/2019 09:46

    Well back to school for me. 17% of of the Netherlands or approximately a third. I thought a third would be be 33.3%?

  • Steve W.
    20/11/2019 07:02

    What a load of bollox. "Most" of the UK isn't prone to.flooding at all.