TikToker shares her life from the South Pole

She's one of the few women currently living at the South Pole. Toni Traub is sharing what it's like working in the coldest and driest place on the planet...

28/10/2021 19:58

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  • Lucky J.
    06/01/2022 15:13

    You guys are literaly have a cool job down there

  • Kingston T.
    02/01/2022 10:22

    Would love to work there

  • Danny O.
    28/12/2021 00:29

    I wanna work there!

  • Thomas K.
    23/11/2021 13:36

    No south pole is real.

  • Charmaine P.
    21/11/2021 14:44

    Bit cold

  • Sethu M.
    13/11/2021 08:11


  • Charmaine M.
    12/11/2021 14:59

    Excuse me, Santa lives at the North Pole. 😁

  • Candice B.
    10/11/2021 14:38

  • Mustak D.
    10/11/2021 02:16

    Mujhe follow karo plz by plz

  • Alexandre F.
    09/11/2021 15:15

    very cool

  • Patrick R.
    07/11/2021 15:04

    If just the us could clean up after themself on greenland, the treaty would be well owned.

  • Ralf E.
    07/11/2021 12:36

    Epic fail, every one knows, that Santa lives at the North Pole 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Billie M.
    07/11/2021 12:08

    Where can I sign up?

  • Louise L.
    07/11/2021 02:13

    No 😄

  • Louise L.
    07/11/2021 02:13


  • Siva S.
    07/11/2021 01:53

    வாழ்க வளமுடன் வாழ்க வையகம்

  • Haruna I.
    06/11/2021 20:22

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  • Judy B.
    06/11/2021 18:12

    So interesting!

  • Citong C.
    06/11/2021 18:05

    kudos to u fellas who do research work, that wud make this world a better place to live in.I am amazed with all the system u hv placed to keep ur sanity intact.Apart from the challenging weather u hv to brave on, u hv to endure the same people u work with,day-in & day-out on days.weeks or even months on end.U guys hv practically solved boredom & hv found ways to beat it.I heard Scientists & researchers are notorious on their social skills lol.With climate change being the worst problem humans have to deal with if no intervention is going to be made then this planet earth is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.This vlog is very good i hope it catches future researchers interest and join ur program.

  • Anki M.
    06/11/2021 17:51

    Oooh nooo thanks... Me ❤️☀️🌡️🏖️