Connecting black-owned businesses

This entrepreneur created a food delivery app just for black-owned restaurants.

Buying Black owned products again

In Philadelphia, very few businesses are black-owned — only 2.5%. according to Pew Charitable Trusts. This entrepreneur’s mission. To connect them. Launched in early 2019, the app and website connect users with black-owned restaurants around Philadelphia using a single directory. For Cabello, it’s not just about turning a profit — it’s about using technology to foster community.

Why buy Black?

“People don't know what black businesses are. I'm going to support something that you don't know exists. So, you know, just bringing that awareness, that's always key. You can't support something you don't know. Black and Mobile were the first black-owned food delivery service in Philadelphia and were the first black owned food delivery service in the country that delivers exclusively for black owned businesses. It's hard to find black-owned businesses, young or old. A lot of people cannot name over 25 black owned businesses or restaurants. So, what we do is we locate them but then we also let you support them because we deliver to your door. I like to say the culture delivers. You see Amazon and all these giant tech companies, they utilize technology. Some of the businesses are scared of it. They're old school. So, they're scattered. It's so important because we need to know where our business is also, so we can spend our dollar with our business. Group economics is not just something that you want to talk about. Like we need. We need the money in our community”, David Cabello, founder - Black and Mobile tells Brut.

Black Business has a long history in America

The Buy Black movement has been rising — black spending power is projected to hit a record $1.5 trillion by 2021 based on data from Nielsen. Cabello hopes people of color in other cities follow Black and Mobile’s example.


13/01/2020 10:58

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  • Sigit S.
    23/06/2020 05:03

    The next big step; rebuild the black wall street....!!!

  • Tamra F.
    31/01/2020 23:48

    Yes 👍👏👏👏

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    31/01/2020 02:27

    Nice love this

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  • Mark M.
    30/01/2020 00:11

    Love this keep it real congrat's.

  • Master D.
    29/01/2020 18:53

    Salute much RESPECT BEAUTIFUL idea brother BLESS UP BX I hear you...

  • Roskhoe K.
    29/01/2020 13:05

    Excellent brothers

  • Maxine M.
    28/01/2020 08:17

    Please spread it out to the Bethlehem and Allentown area we need you all were too far apart.

  • Andrea A.
    27/01/2020 23:56

    Congratulations 🍾🎉👏🎊

  • Will X.
    27/01/2020 22:46

    Loveeeeee thissssssss🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Maddy C.
    26/01/2020 20:08

    Well .. I love and support black people all the way !! But ideas behind such things are bit racist in nature... You cant make everything black and everything white ... The world has more color to offer than this too !!

  • Kimberly M.
    26/01/2020 18:39


  • Shrief M.
    26/01/2020 11:34

    Modern racism 😐

  • Sharon T.
    25/01/2020 21:14

    Beautiful keep going!😊💖

  • Alphus J.
    25/01/2020 20:27

    Its a good thing u are doing

  • Alphus J.
    25/01/2020 20:26

    Hope u is fighting down the write we all God people tank u

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