Grime: The UK's most important and misunderstood music

Aggressive, abrasive... and responsible for inciting violent crime across the UK? Grime artists have been fighting these perceptions for over 15 years. Now they say their music's cultural significance can no longer be ignored.

01/09/2018 07:02
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  • Brut UK
    09/01/2020 12:00

    He’s one of the most famous grime artists in the UK: this is Stormzy’s story

  • Nikola D.
    02/09/2018 20:15

    It's like UK trance style (samples and instruments) but with hip hop beat.

  • Michael W.
    01/09/2018 14:34

    Why does a 696 form have to be filled out in Croydon and not Redding or Leads? Because a 696 is something that only the Metropolitan Police does and the Metropolitan Police don't police Redding (Thames Valley Police) or Leeds (West Yorkshire Police) but they do police Croydon. Not very hard to puzzle out really 😑

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