How Mithila Palkar Won Over Her Bhau

"My grandfather and I had a strangely strained relationship." Watch Mithila Palkar tell the story of the keeper of her childhood treasures, her bhau.

12/03/2021 17:27
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61 commentaires

  • Nalini P.
    21/08/2021 02:21


  • Rinku M.
    05/06/2021 04:30


  • Srinivas C.
    26/05/2021 17:15


  • Titiksha B.
    20/05/2021 18:28


  • Anisha R.
    19/05/2021 10:56


  • Shalanta M.
    18/05/2021 11:09


  • Divya G.
    18/05/2021 00:41

    This is so resonate with all those girls who make their path ownself, and every middle class families are same, your grandparents and relatives give you this advice only mithila mentioned ," changli gharat la mulila , shiksha swampat, Naukri kartat , lagna kartat ani chaan sukha cha sansar kartat" this line is so particular, but what you wanted in your life is on you obviously, so do always what you wanted to be and achive everything and see that twinkling eyes of your family a day they seen you achieving your goal .

  • Mohamed A.
    16/05/2021 18:36

    Ads are so boring before these videos. My rule: Skip a video on Brut, that has an ad.

  • Niloy D.
    16/05/2021 16:14


  • Vivek M.
    16/05/2021 14:15

    I don't know Marathi, but it captures my mind when someone speaks it. Don't know why.

  • Priyanka K.
    16/05/2021 13:27

    Beautiful story!!

  • Sahil J.
    16/05/2021 11:47

    Adorable 🤗 Thank You Bhau!

  • Ritanjana A.
    16/05/2021 09:55

    It made me cry and reminds me of my grand parents who used to be my best friend...I miss both of them a lot...

  • Runjan S.
    16/05/2021 04:54

    Is this suppose to be funny?

  • Ali K.
    15/05/2021 21:09

    Indians have more multi linguistic capabilities vs Pakistanies n having quality criticism aroma in their performance. Just because of better educational n social grooming.

  • Supreet B.
    15/05/2021 13:50

    : you are my favorite. Keep doing the good work with your wonderful and naughty smile. You are an inspiration to a lot of girls with a box less thinking! Glad to hear your smile. It inspired me more!

  • Parvati S.
    15/05/2021 13:13

    Bhairavi Bhat

  • Parvati S.
    15/05/2021 12:59


  • Chandan G.
    15/05/2021 09:49

    What do you mean by middle class now you are billinoire or what as you are born in Maharaja family the attitude you are showing 👿👿😈

  • Sivaram M.
    15/05/2021 08:13

    She is lucky to grow with grand parents. She is doing good work in movies, she is much more talented and good looking than the nepokids.Wish her success and a good life

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