Music festival disaster: attendees compare EDM event to infamous Fyre Festival

Long delays, overflowing toilets, shortage of food and water ... The Elements Music and Arts Festival in Pennsylvania was advertised as "lakefront paradise." The reality was very, very different.

10/09/2021 20:29mise à jour : 10/09/2021 20:31

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  • Kristina K.
    2 jours

    I still think the one day festival they did in Red Hook was the best.

  • Joshua A.
    2 jours


  • Ivan V.
    2 jours

    The stench at that place was probably ungodly.

  • Debbie S.
    3 jours

    I'm sorry for lmao. But back in my day, we would of had a blast!! People these day's have no idea how to make the best out of a situation.

  • Amanda B.
    6 jours

    I don’t think they’d survive LJT huh 😆

  • Kenny M.
    6 jours

    Liberals lol

  • Justin A.
    6 jours

    Children it’s time to stop going to festivals. They were cool. Now grow up and be adults and stop paying thousands of dollars for a weekends of camping

  • Mike D.
    6 jours


  • Tom S.
    6 jours

    They shoulda ended the show with limp biscuit

  • Brian M.
    6 jours

    All I heard was waaaahhhhhhh...waahhhhhhhhhj

  • Alicia C.
    6 jours

    But, is it close to the Fyrefest catastrophe? 🤣

  • Alexis S.
    6 jours

    Oh my gosh poor baby😂 why would you go there 2 days after hurricane ida made landfall and you don't think there would be flooding? Also they should have canceled it due to hurricane ida what's wrong these people 🤦‍♀️

  • Alex S.
    6 jours

    Its a bum fest

  • Rodney T.
    6 jours

    Poor snowflakes

  • Eric M.
    6 jours

    Poor little kids had a bad experience.

  • Robert G.
    7 jours

    Dumb liberals🤣🤣🤣

  • Nicole M.
    7 jours

    Laughs in "Tomorrowworld 2015".

  • Junior M.
    7 jours

    Um I think you got a fly

  • Joe R.
    7 jours

    Wheres the acid man

  • Sheryle L.
    7 jours

    Wahwah wah. Shows how tough people older than me are when they attended Woodstock.

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