The Life And Life Choices Of Kareena Kapoor Khan

A rebellious daughter, devoted little sister, smashing actor, and one of India's most famous mothers... who is she? Thanks to Filmy Mirchi for the footage.

25/02/2021 11:27
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  • Zulfiqar A.
    22/11/2021 16:15

    Beautiful KKK😍

  • Nilesh K.
    21/11/2021 12:40

    Lov u ma

  • Hina I.
    20/11/2021 22:27

    Bas apni hi favourate ho baki i dune like you at all you are very arrogant lady in whole bollywood 🤮🤮🤮

  • Charanjit K.
    16/11/2021 06:40

    Omg you went through a lot darling. God bless you my child. My role model xx I am happy for you. Do not read negative post they are jealous simple the world is like that. They are not happy to see you happy. So tell them to feck off! Jealous Bastards

  • Ramy D.
    11/11/2021 12:44

    Hmm boring fake drama ... she is over acting .... doesn’t respect people... moody ...

  • Ummikhadeejat A.
    10/11/2021 07:17

    Love u for who u are kareena kapoor khan

  • Saba A.
    09/11/2021 14:00


  • Mumtaz Y.
    08/11/2021 03:40

    She looks more like a bitch

  • Indira L.
    07/11/2021 15:23

    I personal never liked her but how she led her life with dreams to be a actress as her sister, a student full of rules, and now an actress mom and sticked to her own decision which proved she is a real rebellion and ready to fight and survive in any situation...I liked it...

  • Padmini J.
    06/11/2021 22:24

    Rightly said. 100% true.

  • Beau G.
    06/11/2021 14:31

    I love her in 3 idiots. She is amazingly good.

  • Emaan K.
    01/11/2021 04:41

    Front 😂😂😂😂😭😭🤣🤣😂😅😂😭😭🤣😂😂😂

  • Salma A.
    01/11/2021 04:40

    Just a big show shakal hy na aqal hy..and why is the whole world bothered abt her kids dunya k yay Wahid bachy hain..india ka media is so cheap..

  • Sonika N.
    29/10/2021 13:02

    Why she has to pretend so much .. middle class upbringing.. really?!?!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zara S.
    25/10/2021 00:06

    What a shitty story. Law School comes after class 12th and Indian Board 18years. Plus 1 year if she joined Law School. Howcome she dropped after 1 year of Law School at the age of 17 years and Joined Acting School.

  • Sukh Q.
    24/10/2021 19:27

    Loved the ending, THE MOST 💖💖💖

  • Ji J.
    21/10/2021 16:56

    You forgot to mention 3 idiots and good news movie

  • Jannat P.
    21/10/2021 07:38

    My favorite actress

  • Sima R.
    18/10/2021 09:41


  • Hasan A.
    16/10/2021 21:01

    Mash Allah g Kareena Is Today’s Women Power Has Privatie Life & Career Life Is On Up May It Continue Top Women From Mirpur Ajk Pakistan 🇵🇰

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