The Story Of A Lost Wallet In India

An American entrepreneur told the story of what he discovered while searching for a lost wallet in India. Special thanks to Global Dignity.

21/01/2021 16:27
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  • Enid N.
    2 jours

    Well said

  • Periasamy L.
    10/05/2022 19:35

    India is good but not political equipped people. They enjoyed with selling all it's properties to vested Neo Rich.

  • Parul S.
    15/04/2022 11:08

    Nice msg sir but india is not a slum country but it's rich from full of kindness n we indians are very honest 💐Bharat mata ki jai Jai hind 💐

  • Ashish K.
    10/04/2022 05:37

    I lost my wallet once But never came back 😭

  • Ashfaque S.
    23/03/2022 03:47

    This is My India.. proud to be an Indian...

  • Sapna R.
    21/03/2022 10:40

    Thanks to the cab driver

  • Imtiaz A.
    20/03/2022 13:27


  • Imtiaz A.
    20/03/2022 13:27

    Beta tum kolkata mein he aaye hoge dehli mein jate toh wapas nahi milta...

  • Uday N.
    11/03/2022 15:48 Mumbai ranked second best in the world

  • Pandey A.
    09/03/2022 16:39

    Never judge a book by its cover ❤️

  • Jasbir K.
    05/03/2022 22:39

    There are some people who makes the India proud in front of the whole world. Just keep going guys..

  • Ssachinn S.
    04/03/2022 09:32


  • Dhananjay S.
    02/03/2022 17:04

    Being an Indian it's a Proud thing for me that he shared the example of 'Honesty' of an Indian cab driver on an International platform but I think he might get back his wallet in New York city or any other biggest city in the world too, ofcourse if he met such a 'Honest' cab driver by luck because 'Honesty' depends on every individuals nature. Nowadays Honesty became a precious thing that not everyone can afford it.

  • Vibha I.
    26/02/2022 15:30

    Only Bharat had great civilization when others were in great slumber. We all belong to that culture ,it is our very nature ,it is in Indian genes

  • Jothiramalingam N.
    25/02/2022 11:42

    I touch my self it's my india oh

  • Vicky I.
    21/02/2022 21:32

    What cab driver earns 2500/- a month? Atleast use realistic figures. Any taxi driver on even the saddest of months makes 25000/- at a minimum in India.

  • Kirtikumar P.
    21/02/2022 13:13

    Thank you for your understanding my country and proud that thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳

  • MD S.
    21/02/2022 05:40


  • Shalini O.
    20/02/2022 17:01


  • Sujata S.
    20/02/2022 09:36

    I just wanted to say you "thank you"for sharing your story... Feeling Great pride to be an Indian....👍

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