The story of BTS

They were meant to be the first Korean band to be authentically themselves. What followed was record-breaking music, chart-topping success, and a massive global ARMY of dedicated fans. This is the story of how BTS became the biggest band in the world.

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  • Kathleen K.
    16 heures


  • Nurunnahar A.
    un jour

    BTS everyone all-rounder Jimin isPrince of Busan

  • Psyche Q.
    3 jours


  • Belen B.
    4 jours

    Excelente, solo te falto la colaboración con Cold Play

  • Marme L.
    4 jours

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Thank you BTS for making us Happy .....❤❤❤❤❤

  • Syed A.
    5 jours

    All seem alike. I can't differentiate.

  • Do L.
    5 jours

    Dáng mẹ gầy giẹo08/12 GOOO giọ liêu xiêu zefiykyl950br

  • Alaminbea A.
    6 jours

    Nice day

  • De P.
    7 jours

    They are legends

  • Linda M.
    7 jours

    BTS is giving worldwide happiness not only for the young generation but even to the older generation they were inspired by the songs and the respects they bestowed not only did to their counterparts but also how they loved their army's unbelievable!! God bless BTS

  • Lichi A.
    16/01/2022 19:53

    Proud of being Army. BTS the best Group ever. You are so amazing. Love you

  • Fatima K.
    16/01/2022 19:18

    Borahae💜 bangtan boys💜

  • Iffat Z.
    16/01/2022 09:10


  • Kim S.
    16/01/2022 06:28

    The descriptions are off. Namjoon is a rapper too.JHope is the main dancer not lead and is a rapper and sub vocalist , Jin is a lead vocalist and known for humour, is the original visual but he doesn’t mentor per se, Jimin is lead dancer and lead vocalist and has contemporary dance training. JK is the golden Maknae because he is good at everything but is the main vocalist and lead dancer. While Army know Suga is sweet he really is known for blunt truths and is a bit savage. Tae is good at lots of things can’t argue with that. BTS was formed in 2010 not 2012 and debuted in 2013. They didn’t use Beyond the Scene for more than a heartbeat so not worth mentioning. All members write songs but the rappers are the most prolific. NJ and Suga are in the Korean songwriters association. They are humble and hard working. There is nothing that compares to them. Borahae💜

  • Jung K.
    16/01/2022 05:02

    Sind pilc

  • James G.
    16/01/2022 04:06


  • James G.
    16/01/2022 04:06

    >>>blackpink<<< pb mi

  • Ayla K.
    15/01/2022 03:25


  • Lorie P.
    14/01/2022 01:07


  • Muhammad A.
    13/01/2022 19:19

    everyone,l need help, please replrt the following sh*t,and just report please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, don't watch, don't give veiws please do it 4 me

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