TikTok trend embraces culture through clothing

Wearing your culture with pride. This TikToker turned the #hotseatchallenge into a way to show your heritage to the world.

01/08/2020 20:59

243 commentaires

  • Melwyn P.
    un jour

    I am a catholic living in India , what the hell i am suppose to wear now ? Do i have any ancestors in America !!! Hello get me out of here 😆😆 So much of fuss of what to wear ... Can the brown desi people send some food for the poor in India

  • Subhas B.
    un jour


  • Subhas B.
    un jour


  • Toaeef J.
    2 jours

    I love you

  • Hamid A.
    2 jours

    Very Good

  • Buffy W.
    2 jours

    Ya culture is gone so we can be groomed into working for the rest of our lives

  • Lj M.
    3 jours

    There is no such thing as American culture, infact there is no such thing as an American,American is not a race or nationality of human beings, America is named after amerigo vespucci, who died in 1512,of syphillis!.

  • Rubiela L.
    4 jours

    Thank you for show in us your beautiful culture and be proud who you are 🤗🤗🤗

  • Julie K.
    5 jours

    I love This and HER!❤️

  • Jupiter R.
    5 jours

    Beautiful 🥰

  • Lori G.
    5 jours

    Fantastic. Just remember that there is no American Culture without you bringing your own culture to be woven into the American tapestry.

  • Hannah M.
    6 jours

    My son watched this with me and said, “Mom, that’s so beautiful. Put a heart on that one” thanks for sharing. Absolutely lovely!

  • Rachel M.
    6 jours

    I LOVE seeing other cultures and how they dress. I love hearing immigrants speak their native languages. Just because it is different from mine doesn't mean it is less. Embrace your heritage. 💖

  • Angela W.
    7 jours


  • Griseida L.
    7 jours


  • Debbie S.
    15/09/2020 22:04

    What a great video. 👍👍👍

  • Sebina E.
    14/09/2020 23:26

    What do you consider "brown" people? I have experienced the most racism from so called " brown" ppl that are not of African decent...somehow this makes no sense to me?

  • Yvonne B.
    14/09/2020 03:32

    I like this so much!!!! God Bless you Beautiful!!!

  • Rosalba D.
    13/09/2020 15:20

    🇲🇽 has uno!

  • Bobby C.
    13/09/2020 15:17

    👍Young Lady, Keep Striving To Be The Best You Can Be. ❤️ Your Culture ✌️

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