A hospital in the forest

This Norwegian hospital among the trees aims to ease the stress of child patients. đŸŒČ⚕đŸŒČ

Hospital rooms in the middle of the forest, a new initiative in Norway

  • The SĂžrlandet region in Norway is experimenting with a new initiative: placing hospital rooms in the middle of the forest. *

To keep children away from the anxiety of hospitals, Norway has set up a new initiative: hospital rooms in the middle of the forest. This is the project "Open Air Hospital" or "Friluftssykehuset".

The aim of the Norwegian "Open Air Hospital" project is to use the benefits of nature to make life a little better for hospitalized children. The hospital rooms are reminiscent of tree houses built by children for fun. These rooms were designed so that young patients can be in contact with the forest: hear the sound of birds, a stream, the rustle of trees in the forest 
 The rooms are surrounded by greenery, but they remain close to a hospital so that children can be cared for quickly.

The initiators of the "open-air hospital" project would like these rooms in the middle of the forest to become the norm in Norway and the rest of the world.