How to cook a healthy and sustainable stew with chef Ali Mandhry

Chef Ali Mandhry used to cook in luxury hotels, now he's a zero-waste chef. Here's how he makes a healthy chicken stew at home... All week, Brut and EAT are sharing healthy and sustainable recipes from around the world in the lead up to #WorldFoodDay. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

12/10/2021 16:58

16 commentaires

  • Jotinder S.
    10/11/2021 09:24

    Thuk bhi daalte honge

  • Gaurab A.
    09/11/2021 12:51

    Fuck off

  • Sobio M.
    08/11/2021 17:12

    I can cook better than him.

  • Mohd G.
    02/11/2021 06:57

    Word beef exists North Indians: if you are secular include pOrk also 😂😂😂 Wowww what a senseless comparison ra. Just like you don’t eat beef we don’t eat pork. Just because you don’t eat beef that doesn’t mean you stop others to eat.

  • Sàhïl Ç.
    01/11/2021 15:34

    Agli baar bsdkwle tu beef khae na to teri gand fat jye

  • Vineet S.
    01/11/2021 10:50

    Don't promote beef..if secularism is the case then include pork as well

  • Akash M.
    31/10/2021 17:26

    Ab yahi chate hue hath se ye kabab banaega 🤢

  • Milan K.
    30/10/2021 04:18

    " bulla india "

  • Yash S.
    26/10/2021 13:07

    Eggplant Has No Nutritional Aspects In It I Guess .

  • Sibt W.
    25/10/2021 18:02

    Shut up u dickhead...... Bleady act like a man Or change ur gender

  • Nazia T.
    20/10/2021 10:18

    Testing the food on hand palm....every mom in southeast Asia does... enjoyed to see that.

  • Preeti K.
    19/10/2021 18:33

    Hw is chicken healthy?? Illiterate moron

  • Sanjeev S.
    19/10/2021 16:55

    Brut is full off anti Indian sentiments...

  • Gerry P.
    19/10/2021 05:58

    You better wash your hands after you licked them.

  • Apoorv J.
    19/10/2021 04:47

    Eating animals is neither healthy nor zero waste. Animal farming is a violent and destructive industry which should not be sustained if we want to live ethically, and not destroy innocent lives and this planet we share with so many other beings.

  • Brut India
    18/10/2021 12:56

    Find the recipe and more about sustainable eating at

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