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  • Shawn E.
    14/05/2019 01:07

    Mmmmkay. And?

  • Sufyan A.
    14/05/2019 00:13

    You dont have to fast when youre travelling. Especially if youre not on the planet.

  • Justin M.
    13/05/2019 20:37

    How does a person face east while in space?

  • Efsane D.
    13/05/2019 15:12

    Ű„ÙÙ†Ù‘ÙŽ Ű§Ù„ŰŻÙ‘ÙÙŠÙ†ÙŽ ŰčÙÙ†Ù’ŰŻÙŽ Ű§Ù„Ù„Ù‘ÙŽÙ‡Ù Ű§Ù„Ù’Ű„ÙŰłÙ’Ù„ÙŽŰ§Ù…Ù ۗ ÙˆÙŽÙ…ÙŽŰ§ Ű§ŰźÙ’ŰȘَلَفَ Ű§Ù„Ù‘ÙŽŰ°ÙÙŠÙ†ÙŽ ŰŁÙÙˆŰȘÙÙˆŰ§ Ű§Ù„Ù’ÙƒÙŰȘÙŽŰ§ŰšÙŽ Ű„ÙÙ„Ù‘ÙŽŰ§ مِنْ ŰšÙŽŰčÙ’ŰŻÙ Ù…ÙŽŰ§ ŰŹÙŽŰ§ŰĄÙŽÙ‡ÙÙ…Ù Ű§Ù„Ù’Űčِلْمُ ŰšÙŽŰșÙ’ÙŠÙ‹Ű§ ŰšÙŽÙŠÙ’Ù†ÙŽÙ‡ÙÙ…Ù’ ۗ وَمَنْ ÙŠÙŽÙƒÙ’ÙÙŰ±Ù’ ŰšÙŰąÙŠÙŽŰ§ŰȘِ Ű§Ù„Ù„Ù‘ÙŽÙ‡Ù ÙÙŽŰ„ÙÙ†Ù‘ÙŽ Ű§Ù„Ù„Ù‘ÙŽÙ‡ÙŽ ŰłÙŽŰ±ÙÙŠŰčُ Ű§Ù„Ù’Ű­ÙŰłÙŽŰ§ŰšÙ QURAN SURAH ALI ‘IMRAN 19 (3:19) Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. And those who were given the Scripture did not differ except after knowledge had come to them – out of jealous animosity between themselves. And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah, then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account.

  • Stephanie P.
    13/05/2019 12:24

    et donc ?? Ă  part ĂȘtre la façade d'un extrĂ©misme certain , parce que faire la publicitĂ© de son " exploit " ne sert que l'Islam et pas ton cheminement spirituel https://oumma.com/lobligation-du-jeune-de-ramadan-selon-le-coran-et-en-islam/?fbclid=IwAR3kr2mtGEbVDFj_xpekmxbEn27xUFLbcw8AELO-C4HbirUkpTr33aYvwRA

  • Ciprian M.
    13/05/2019 12:19

    Good for him. Does he want a medal now?

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