#TBT: a vegan family back in 1976

This French family has decided to go vegan. That was back in 1976. #TBT

25/07/2019 11:03

55 commentaires

  • Georges A.
    20/01/2022 16:25

    Et depuis… des nouvelles de cette famille ? Comment vont-ils ? 🤔😉

  • Cuthbert J.
    10/05/2020 16:23

    What a sensible family.

  • Beshie E.
    10/05/2020 11:18

    Why kids don't look happy?

  • Antonio G.
    08/05/2020 12:34

    VEGAN food is crapy

  • Good F.
    07/05/2020 22:59

    And now out of necessity as meat becomes scarcer and more expensive

  • Hope C.
    07/05/2020 20:48

    Bunch of lazy armchair quarterbacks in the comments

  • Elisabeth C.
    07/05/2020 11:52

    Those poor children probably grew up to be steakatarians.

  • Jay A.
    07/05/2020 11:12

    Vegans been eating lettuce with Tardigrades. Im ROFLing every time I remember. 😂😂😂

  • Hinda S.
    07/05/2020 11:06

    Life is too short smh

  • Virginie S.
    09/08/2019 15:48

    Just eat local, that's way better for you and for the environment.

  • Arina K.
    03/08/2019 10:46

    so cute and so French

  • Wilma S.
    01/08/2019 11:33

    And you led the way- even as a fiercely committed little girl. I cringe now when I think of what I believed you should have been eating. It was all wrong for you. We have an excellent new Canada Food guide which the meat and dairy industry is trying hard to re-write. It’s all about the money. ☹️

  • Esther S.
    01/08/2019 09:28

    This reminds me of when I wanted to go vegetarian as a girl. was like..."Oh, it's awful. We knew a vegetarian. They just eat birdseed." But watching this looks like "birdseed" wasn't so far off in the 1970s, their meal looks pretty uninspiring. I am so glad that vegetarianism and veganism went mainstream, and that not only is the food more inspiring, but the education behind nutrition is so much more robust.

  • Earll N.
    31/07/2019 13:04

    meat = animals = living thing plants also a living thing too.. they breathe and they want to live too.. stop eating them, stop eating plants 😂

  • Khâlil K.
    31/07/2019 09:23

    قناة فرنسيه..

  • Yasmeen A.
    31/07/2019 05:17

    الام مخيفية ومريبة ومسيطرة

  • Claudio L.
    31/07/2019 05:12

    "not happy", "deprived", "scary" are some of the troll comments we see here. You have to understand one thing: it's 1976, you are a kid and you are talking with strangers in your house, for the TELEVISION.

  • Miguel Y.
    31/07/2019 02:50

    When vegans are peaceful and minding their own business.

  • Andreas A.
    30/07/2019 21:07


  • Karim A.
    30/07/2019 17:38

    Personne ne peut défie la nature humain ..tant que notre dieu à créé ses animaux c'est pour la bonne santé de l'humain et pour son bien être .point

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