Digby the guide horse

Horses aren't the obvious choice of animal to assist visually impaired people- but here's why they can sometimes do the job better than dogs. 🐎

18/10/2018 14:52
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3 commentaires

  • Nuria A.
    01/01/2019 15:20

    Muy interesante.

  • Karthik G.
    30/12/2018 17:28


  • Nitish H.
    29/12/2018 16:22

    But there must have some disadvantage too. 1.Horse poop a lot. Even a small one. 2.Horse are less affectionate to it's owner than a dog. 3.Horse eat more even they are same size of a dog because They are vegetarian. Horse food isn't something that owner can buy from a super market. 4. Dog is also a good protector, while I don't think horse is. 5. Dog can also see in night. 6. Dogs are widely accepted in the society. 7. There are so many dog trainer specifically for this job, they are specially breed for this this job. 8. Horse need more place even it's a miniature than a dog. If you religion don't allow dogs to help you, then disabled people shouldn't allow religion to poke into their life.

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