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  • Sue S.
    05/10/2020 23:09

    The best part of trumps genes ran down his moms leg.

  • Stephen T.
    05/10/2020 22:45

    How come no one can see that this guy is a threat to the future of America as it once stood . A proud nation now the laughing stock of the whole world.

  • Joseph F.
    05/10/2020 16:24


  • Maria H.
    01/10/2020 18:26

    What a joke Trump is a mess !! Unrivalled!! Unfil mental and taxes put a danger to our country !!

  • Abigail O.
    27/09/2020 23:12

    ALL I hear is "jeans". Isn't he half Celtic? he should fight those genes off!

  • Louis D.
    27/09/2020 21:04

    Does his IQ mean idiot quotient?

  • Louis D.
    27/09/2020 21:02

    Didn't Hitler discuss genetics too when talking about his master race?

  • Amberlee C.
    27/09/2020 11:42

    This is so similar to Hitler. By saying that peoples "genes" have an effect on their decision making, beliefs, morals, is a lack of education. Hitler said this about Jewish people, saying they were subhuman. This is so dangerous that people actually believe that our "genes" can be good or bad is absolute idiocy. "Genes" are a genetic makeup of our entire body, they do not affect who we become and how we act and speak. Period. Trump is literally retarded.

  • Suzanne L.
    27/09/2020 06:27

    Oh, hello Hitler!

  • Tami M.
    26/09/2020 20:01

    I love this man

  • Autumn D.
    26/09/2020 09:41

    Good caucasian genes is what he wants to say. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Abraham C.
    26/09/2020 01:57

    One stupid mf. Repeats everything three or four times. Just like his disgusting followers.

  • Dena W.
    25/09/2020 22:29

    You have diaherra when you talk if it what you are talking about " it runs in your (jeans) I believe it

  • Sandee W.
    25/09/2020 17:17

    LMBO!.. TRUMP your family is a crime family..and i agree.. It's in the genes.

  • John Z.
    25/09/2020 12:49

    That is because his genes manly come from a baboon and anything is an improvement And that is an insult to the baboon

  • Dee B.
    25/09/2020 12:30

    he's half Scots, and the other half is German mixed with whatever his grandmother was...that makes him a 'mutt' to hitler...keep your 'genes' to yourself, you sanctimonious idiot.

  • Saramae D.
    25/09/2020 11:38


  • Asfand Y.
    25/09/2020 08:06


  • Mark S.
    25/09/2020 07:16

    Vote Him Out🤣🤣🤣

  • Steve K.
    25/09/2020 04:35

    The poster child for contraceptives' .

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