Meet The People Behind Your Favourite Chocolates

Transforming cocoa beans into mouth-watering chocolates is a blend of art, science and hard work. Brut brings to you the story of #CocoaLife, the 55+ years old initiative of Mondelez India, nurturing the future of cocoa farming in India. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

21/09/2021 04:27
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10 commentaires

  • Aashma N.
    27/09/2021 08:41

    Cs ggffghgf

  • Aashma N.
    27/09/2021 08:41


  • Aashma N.
    27/09/2021 08:41

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  • Brahmjot S.
    27/09/2021 05:59

    U have just a bit of cocoa around 5-6% rest all is sugar. And people think u are selling chocolates 😂😂😂😂😂. All we are eating in the name of choclate is sugar sugar and sugar

  • Anita L.
    26/09/2021 09:31


  • Sunita Y.
    25/09/2021 05:56


  • Vijay T.
    24/09/2021 21:33

    our district and our city

  • Arunkumar K.
    24/09/2021 03:30

    Hai can i get the contact details of this farmer subba... I am interested in growing cocoa...

  • Nidhi S.
    23/09/2021 17:51

    Like share comment and subscribe it

  • Rabin D.
    22/09/2021 17:02

    শুরুর মিউজিকটা সিনচ্যানের থিম সঙ্গের মতো কেন?

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