Patchy Skin Is Still A Win

Aastha Shah might have been bullied for her vitiligo... But now she's teaching others about it, and living her best life too.

14/11/2021 16:27
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  • Simerks H.
    3 jours

    May God always be with you dear ….spread love wherever you go 🙏👏👏👏👏

  • Neha M.
    28/12/2021 19:30

    She is beautiful…god bless her and best wishes for her bright future 👍

  • Naeem K.
    08/12/2021 22:25

    Go Pakistan they can disappeared the colour 90% , they have creams which reduce the colour of your pathcy skin

  • Maria N.
    04/12/2021 00:28

    She don't have any patchy skin infact became really white which is very desirable in Indian culture

  • Sangita M.
    03/12/2021 15:50

    I also have vitiligo

  • Yesha M.
    28/11/2021 09:54

    My mom has it since last 40 years. The patches keep changing in size and place. You are lucky that in 15 yrs it’s spread evenly through out your body and all looks one. I have seen my mother face a lot of rejection from family and society and with her even we suffered as ppl thought we would also land up with it someday. Vitiligo needs awareness and yes I hope someday they find the right cause and cure for it.

  • Mansha S.
    24/11/2021 11:57

    Girl u r way too beautiful ❤️❤️ strong and powerful

  • Anwesha C.
    21/11/2021 18:18

    Ya, but she has gone through depigmentation therapy for vitiligo. On her Instagram she says she 'cured' it, by eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle which is total rubbish. She didn't embrace it, she did a depigmentation therapy. Not that that is bad, but why try to ask people to embrace something you didn't embrace yourself.

  • Shivanya K.
    20/11/2021 05:23

    Love that video।।।।।। I'm also suffering from vitiligo।।।।pehle I really got depress about it।।।।।।I thought I'm none।।।।।like mai khtm hue ।।।I can't do anything।।।butt now I'm able २ accept it ।।।।।❣️koi mujhe judge nhii krnaa।।।।।।coz this s my own life ।।

  • Anila K.
    18/11/2021 18:20

    I face similar condition.. but believe me people do bully you, and also torcher u with all sorts of tricks and tips. But I am happy I embraced it.. n for me my condition didn't go to extreme. I feel so proud the way you went through all this and you are still standing strong. Please don't judge someone by there physical appearance.

  • Polaki S.
    18/11/2021 15:32

    But what is solution didn't mention.

  • Dhiraj P.
    18/11/2021 06:35

    Your positive outlook is truly inspiring Aastha . All the best for your bright Future 👍

  • Jaikala G.
    18/11/2021 03:59

    There is homeopathic medicine for vitiligo

  • Nidhi S.
    17/11/2021 15:55


  • Dr.Beenish K.
    17/11/2021 13:35

    I myself is facing this condition called vitiligo....People do ask about it but I never got bullied... I believe in myself. Instead this condition strengthened me since my childhood.. I m confident enough to face the world with vitiligo as its just a condition.

  • Farhad T.
    17/11/2021 13:00

    🖤🖤 May Allah bless you.

  • Neha S.
    16/11/2021 12:02

    Is it true or not I don't know but I heard people saying that this happens when people don't eat green vegetables or lack of vitamins or may be because they use plastic sleepers etc..there was a boy who had it and his family also has it. There was one lady who had similar age said she had allergies of certain medications and there was one carpenter who said he got it because of some chemicals he used .some say eating curd and fish at same time can cause the skin to become this way . Are there treatments for it is it dangerous for us ? Is it a skin cancer or something?

  • Feroz A.
    16/11/2021 11:34

    Allah ap ko salamat sy rakhy.ameen Tumahri daad ko salammmmm.

  • Haider A.
    16/11/2021 11:16

    may you find happiness and success everywhere u go , don't let the hate inside

  • Chandani S.
    16/11/2021 09:55

    Only people who are suffering or had suffered can understand... Majority of people writing here will surely make faces if they encounter any one with this issue. :(

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