Protesting Gender Violence Around the World Through Song

"The rapist is you." From South America to Europe, thousands of blindfolded women chant this feminist song from Chile. ✊

Dismantling rape culture through musical harmony

Rape can leave a devastating impact that spans decades, even generations. It destroys bodies and minds and puts peace in jeopardy. When left unpunished or trivialized, it can create a pervasive culture where sexual violence is normalized, women and girls are undervalued, and entire communities and nations are left fractured. Many still fail to name or challenge the rape culture that surrounds us. Through words, actions and inactions; discriminatory laws or leniency towards perpetrators; through the media that is consumed, jokes laughed at, and attitudes that go unquestioned, become part of a culture that allows rape to continue.

Women in countries like Chile, Mexico, Spain, Sudan, Turkey, Colombia and France, all joined together in solidarity to sing in protest against violence against their communities. “Patriarchy is a judge that judges us for being born. And our punishment is the violence that you see. It’s femicide. Impunity for my murderer. It’s disappearance. It’s rape. They kill us. They rape us. They rob us. They exploit us. My body’s not to be touched. With clothes, without clothes, my body’s not to be touched. She reported him and she was killed. We’re not all here. The murdered women are missing. Why is it that they silence my people? On your knees, patriarchy!”

Although in recent years, the voices of activists and survivors through movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp, #Niunamenos, #NotOneMore, #BalanceTonPorc, have reached an upsurge that cannot be silenced or ignored, violence against women and girls continues in every country. One in three women are impacted by this violence; 15 million adolescent girls worldwide have experienced forced sex according to UN Women. Across the world and in different contexts, women and girls universally experience rape, sexual violence, and abuse. From university campuses to armed conflicts, their voices and stories have reached a climax that can no longer be ignored or silenced.


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  • Quin B.
    3 heures

    One voice ✊🏾✊🏾

  • Emily C.
    3 heures

    this is beautiful I hope the English do it too

  • Jake F.
    4 heures

    Rak fahm

  • Joel C.
    4 heures

    Nice zumba ladies it lessens fats

  • Indir K.
    5 heures


  • Nathalie L.
    6 heures


  • Maximilian M.
    6 heures

    Ok.............. 🤷‍♂️

  • Harriet B.
    6 heures


  • Valerius T.
    7 heures

    תראו מה הולך פה ! החליקו על השכל לגמרי !

  • Ahasan M.
    8 heures

    I was waiting for India but it never came.

  • Dibyajit H.
    8 heures

    The are speaking Spanish right???

  • Shiraz B.
    8 heures

    see... They were copying this

  • Md A.
    10 heures

    Thats look like a celebration not a protest 🙏🙏

  • Arif H.
    11 heures

    this dance was performed at first at the Dhaka University premises last year. Then kolkata and now the whole world... Wow... The slogan was "Tui Dhorshok (You bloody rapist)"...

  • Prashant S.
    13 heures

    Now its a gender war, get your guns boys 😂👍

  • Mark T.
    14 heures

    This is not feminism. This is just a trendy gathering of a fail generation of young woman who thinks they can do everything without a help of a man. A product of a radical man hating globalization brainwashing agenda.

  • Dylan T.
    14 heures


  • Jacob H.
    14 heures

    philipphines should join!!!! ❤️

  • Harshad S.
    14 heures

    Lets dance and sing for getting raped🤣. What logic is that? Just cut the penises / ovaries of those who rape. Rape is A Rape of body and soul could it be men or women. Stop voices, start actions.

  • Tee J.
    16 heures

    In nz men are 15% more likely to be murdered than woman just saying

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