The life of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Her “Tax the Rich” gown made an impression on the MET gala red carpet. From bartender to political powerhouse, she’s never been one to shy away from a bold statement... This is the story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

14/09/2021 13:53mise à jour : 14/09/2021 13:55

56 commentaires

  • Ron A.
    07/10/2021 17:52

    I am surprised her brain is even capable of a thought.

  • Debbie Y.
    19/09/2021 22:56


  • Guillo P.
    18/09/2021 11:29

    Who cares go yo work

  • Grace L.
    18/09/2021 03:38

    Aim high, the worst that could happen is that you fall among the stars… praying that you never abandon the mission

  • Joe B.
    17/09/2021 20:45

    Now nobody takes you seriously. Get serious AOC . That was just dumb.

  • Chris G.
    17/09/2021 13:37

    You're so gross. A privileged politician piece of garbage

  • Kody C.
    16/09/2021 10:29


  • Karthik R.
    16/09/2021 04:20

    She should be in asylum, not in the capitol hill

  • Noelle D.
    16/09/2021 04:12

    Go AOC, Brava!!

  • Shan S.
    16/09/2021 01:08

    You are the boom 💥 love ❤️ you

  • Lucille F.
    15/09/2021 20:50


  • Neal A.
    15/09/2021 17:39

    You come from a privileged background. You know nothing about the 'working class'

  • Ahmađ L.
    15/09/2021 14:38

    "Tax the rich" meanwhile attending a millions of dollars worth event.....

  • Beata B.
    15/09/2021 10:12

    What does she think she accomplished with that rediclios dress??? Absolutely nothing. I still be more taxed than she does.

  • Suzanne E.
    15/09/2021 03:37

    AOC is all about notice me notice me - for what ? A loud mouth ?

  • Kate S.
    15/09/2021 03:17

    LOVE this woman!! ❤️

  • Savy L.
    15/09/2021 02:06

    She has never disappointed us 😃

  • Helena S.
    15/09/2021 00:21

    You are one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. $30,000 dollars ticket. And tax the rich in the way that this government is asking to, just is going to break down more companies or it is going to push companies to depend more of your Chinese friends, and less employment for the people of the USA. Not all of us are ignorant as you are thinking that we are.

  • SteveKim E.
    14/09/2021 21:51

    Careful AOC. . .Your Elitism and Privilege is Showing in the “Donated Dress”!!! Shameful! Just curious if your servers had to wear masks? I’m sure you spoke up for them! I’m sure you shared your outrage over the double standard! PS. Many wonderful women before you have broken barriers. . .some who’ve served in the Military that gives you the right/freedom to spout the abundance of idiotic ideologies!

  • Mary H.
    14/09/2021 21:40

    Is so contradictory to what she says and does. She claims to fight for equality and goes to a millionaire event and where all his rich friends don't give a dam of the massage she has because this message is directed to the increAsing middle class

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