The Woman Who Won One Crore Rupees

A tragic road accident took away her vision at 16. But this school teacher fought against the odds to win big on Kaun Banega Crorepati. 💰 đŸŽ„: Himani Bundela KBC13 winner

25/01/2022 16:27mise Ă  jour : 26/01/2022 23:48
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9 commentaires

  • Kiran S.
    28/01/2022 17:18

    Agra ki best beti

  • Kiran S.
    28/01/2022 17:17

    Agra ki best beti

  • Dorjee D.
    27/01/2022 17:18

    She is definitely talented girl and of courses she will win bcoz she is talented but this lambu what he is nothing act sharuk khan the great hero is mush better than this belarary Amitabh fuck

  • Nagma P.
    27/01/2022 17:17


  • Virender S.
    27/01/2022 16:04

    Hum toh nhi janta hai

  • Vanitha I.
    27/01/2022 11:45

    Great inspiration, God bless !

  • Brut India
    27/01/2022 09:09

    This man became the first to win Rs. 5 core on KBC. Here's what he's up to now:

  • HervĂ© F.
    26/01/2022 23:51

    What a strong, determined and inspiring woman đŸ’ȘđŸŸđŸ‘đŸœ

  • M S.
    26/01/2022 16:43

    Strongly rised women đŸ€œ

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