These Muslim Men Perform Last Rites For Hindus

These Muslim men in Maharashtra have cremated hundreds of Hindus who succumbed to Covid-19 since the pandemic began. Footage courtesy: News18 Urdu

28/04/2021 17:27
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  • Aaditya S.
    10 heures

    Hitlar ne kaha tha aam logo ko itna paresan kar do ki wo sochne pe majbor ho jaye ki ab kisi tharah se bas Jinda raha ja sake .

  • Biju B.
    18 heures


  • Madhumita R.
    21 heures

    Second wave from July third wave?!

  • Senti L.
    un jour

    Good job... keep going

  • Abdul R.
    un jour

    This is example for all humanity salute sir may Almighty God protect you from the pandemic

  • Sadik K.
    2 jours

    antim sanskar jihad😎

  • Martin D.
    2 jours

    God save Indian People's🌠

  • Bis M.
    2 jours

    They are not Muslims, real Muslims don't do all that, they must be converts.

  • Sailendra J.
    2 jours

    Are Hindus are not doing anything for other relegion??? Are Hindus demand for another country any time in the history? Are Hindus not gave shelter for other relegion people in this country? Then why your caption hindu Muslim? Writer can write how citizen help citizen in difficult hours.

  • Tariq H.
    3 jours

    This is called Islamic education not only for muslims but all human kind, no matter which religion you follow but think and get Islamic education what Allah says in holly Qur'an never follow up politician and media they are doing bad for their own bread and bread only they don't love bharat mata and janata!! THINK AGAIN AND AGAIN BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!

  • Sushil S.
    4 jours

    huge respect!

  • نیلم ن.
    4 jours

    مسلمان انسانیت کےخدمت کرتےھیں اسلام ذندہ آباد

  • Kaa S.
    4 jours

    We r Indians, V stand united, no one can divide us

  • Raju V.
    4 jours

    Humanity !!!!!!

  • Saloni R.
    4 jours


  • Baba K.
    4 jours

    If only our Indian public had taken this corona seriously and followed the protocol right from the start today we too would be on the sade zone. Sometime we can't always blame our foolish leaders but blame ourselves.

  • Mohammed G.
    4 jours

    Ye sab to theek h Lekin kaghaz bhi dhoondh lo aaj jo like aor dusere supportive emojis ka button press kr ke apko accha keh rahe hain wahi kal ko ye kehte nazar aayenge k kagaz kahan h aor na jaane kaise kaise Dirty comments aor na Kal khade the aor Na aane wale kal mein khade honge Keep it up 👍 But kagaz bhi dhoondhte raho kyon ki hum iss desh ke nhi kisi dusre Planet se aaye hain

  • Sadaf A.
    4 jours

    United we stand, diversity we fall. Then also muslims are bad. Allah keeps everyone safe from this pandamic with good health n gd soul. Ameen

  • Swapna H.
    4 jours

    Hope people will remember this kind act, even in future and not fight over caste and religion.

  • Smeeti S.
    4 jours


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