These Temples Serve Prasads You Might Not Expect

Biryani or noodles, anyone? Check out these unusual prasads you can get at some Indian temples...

19/09/2021 14:57
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  • Pratham G.
    23/09/2021 07:09

    let's go to Kolkata for the chowmein prasad😅😅

  • Sahil P.
    20/09/2021 15:51

    ithe jauya aplyasathi banavla ahe he

  • Brut India
    19/09/2021 17:37

    It doesn't end here. Some temples offer rat saliva all the way to liquor. Read more here:

  • Sonuia G.
    19/09/2021 16:26

    Brut, stop this nonsense, pure veg prasad. No prasad in Sikhs, Buddhist, Hindu and Jains. Just stop I dont even like. We respect VEG food. ANNA DAAN. No Mata temple have meat.

  • Mithu D.
    19/09/2021 16:01

    Cholo khete jai 🍝🍖🍜🍲🥘🥗🫔🌯🌮🧆🥙🍟🍔🌭🥪🍕🍗🥩🥓

  • Kp S.
    19/09/2021 15:28

    Interesting , I liked prasad of books and Serving mutton as Prasad I didn't like that , absolutely wrong . Interesting article from brut

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