What is QAnon?

"Deep state," pizza, pedophiles, the number 17...This conspiracy theory is trickling into mainstream politics from the Web's dark recesses. Here's QAnon.

08/07/2020 13:15

730 commentaires

  • Girum W.
    17 heures

    I don't think these people have any functioning cell left in their brain.

  • Debbie S.
    un jour

    🤣😂🤣 “ the US military CHOSE dump to be president”! 🤣😂🤣 REALLY??? Let that sink in...........‼️

  • BeckyandEd A.
    un jour

    Anyone that believes this bs needs their head examined. Really people? How do you even say this crap out loud and not HEAR how utterly stupid it sounds?

  • Sanchez A.
    2 jours


  • Lisa G.
    2 jours

    You people are screwed up in the head and heartless bigots !

  • Juan V.
    2 jours

    Q is a joke, it’s just smoke screen, to change the narrative of trumps latest failure.

  • Ray C.
    2 jours

    Yanks are stupid thick ppl

  • Iain M.
    2 jours

    I wasn’t convinced until the girl at 2:08 “it’s like all of Space Force and alien life... so, you know, pedophiles...”. That’s when it all just kinda clicked into place for me. 🤦‍♂️

  • Rick L.
    3 jours


  • Kayoko T.
    4 jours

    Really, I’d say No Thank Q

  • Kerris J.
    4 jours

    I think it will turn out that Q is actually Russian because they are trying to rip America apart from the inside out using its own people to do so, it’s all a crock of 💩 & these followers need to wake up !!! The conspiracy theories that are about are totally ridiculous & saying that trump has been sent to uncover all this is laughable the man hasn’t got 2 brain cells to rub together !!!

  • Thompson Q.
    4 jours

    Is it just coincidence that qanon began just before Trump got into power? I wonder if the Russians are behind-the-scenes and the gullible Americans are lapping it up?

  • Ovidiu M.
    4 jours

    Educating stupid people who live in parallel dimension

  • Mary M.
    4 jours

    The stupid leading the stupider. 🤪🤪😜😝

  • Claude R.
    4 jours

    Q is Donald Trump. :) And Qanon's BS is Trump's BS. :)

  • Trevor C.
    4 jours

    Meth! Meth is the answer! You need to fry your brain first!

  • Bonnie H.
    5 jours

    He can't even come up with a health care plan and he is supposed to take the Deep State 🤣

  • Andrew R.
    5 jours

    whoo hoo let's go

  • Enrique N.
    5 jours

    These people are so stupid

  • Charles Z.
    5 jours

    Your called uneducated morons

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