When Gadkari Got Candid About Cleanliness

"I had a fleet with police cars, I stopped them all." Nitin Gadkari has some uniques ideas about managing cleanliness and pollution in his city. 👀

18/09/2021 06:57
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  • Anuradha G.
    22/09/2021 08:20

    Good idea

  • Highrider S.
    21/09/2021 06:08

    Fake PR stunts as his so called highway projects started crumbling

  • Nabila S.
    21/09/2021 04:06

    Indeed a man with a vision

  • S A.
    20/09/2021 03:26

    Then people will start dancing instead of giving way😂

  • S. R.
    19/09/2021 10:22

    He is feku no. 2.

  • Dinu B.
    19/09/2021 08:42

    Iam thinking when am stucked in a traffic block suddenly a car and ambulance playing keyboard and Indian traditional music instruments behind my car that was an awesome felling.. 😀😂😂

  • Andrew H.
    19/09/2021 05:57

    In general, indians are not good looking people.

  • Naveen S.
    18/09/2021 19:00

    Nitinji is a great visionary n a very sensible politician. But he was sidelined. I wish he be the next PM if at all the NDA comes to power.

  • Santosh P.
    18/09/2021 18:35


  • Syed A.
    18/09/2021 16:43

    Toilets Hain Nahi batain Pakistan ko khatam kerne ki .

  • Hemant K.
    18/09/2021 16:22

    Abhi jab ola uber ka horn ka aawaj daloge to rukna hai ya bhagna hai?

  • Imran A.
    18/09/2021 15:45

    Kya fekta hai yeh bhi

  • Shaikh M.
    18/09/2021 15:22

    In india, idiots have good fan following.

  • Faizan K.
    18/09/2021 13:41

    Dhoom machale, dhoom machale would be a better option đŸ˜€đŸ˜€đŸ˜€đŸ˜€đŸ˜€

  • Mitchelle P.
    18/09/2021 12:40

    One thing about Indians are that v r a noisy crowd...unnecessary horning on the road is a menace to other riders/ drivers. My father always says " The sign of a GOOD DRIVER is that U DONT HORN" I really follow this concept.

  • Sukhbir M.
    18/09/2021 12:17

    You are deserving PM candidate

  • Sukhbir M.
    18/09/2021 12:15

    A deserving. PM condidate

  • Arjun C.
    18/09/2021 10:12

    And this is the reasonable dude in that party..

  • Rahul B.
    18/09/2021 10:03

    Look at condition of roads 🙄 à€à€žà€Ÿ à€•à„‹à€ˆ à€°à€Ÿà€žà„à€€à€Ÿ à€šà€čà„€à€‚ à€œà€čà€Ÿà€ à€—à€Ąà„à€Ąà€Ÿ à€šà€čà„€à€‚ 🙄

  • Mohammad N.
    18/09/2021 09:49

    Free main itna Sara maal khuch bhi bakwaas Karega na

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