Will We See An Indian In Space Soon? Ft. Shashi Tharoor

Space no bar! This is Shashi Tharoor talking about rockets with India's top rocket scientist.

20/11/2021 13:27
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  • James M.
    3 jours

    Good Luck ISRO

  • Mahesha N.
    3 jours

    Fantastic, Somanathji. Your parents have given you the name of Mahadev and you are certainly living up to it

  • Mahesha N.
    3 jours

    Absolutely brilliant scientist.

  • Pardeep D.
    4 jours

    Only govt of india organization that works perfectly.. Love ISRO.

  • Anurag T.
    10/05/2022 13:38

    Muslims dick : brut India so yummmy🔥🔥🔥

  • Dilip K.
    17/04/2022 08:18 deed u r smart...why u don't bring change in Congress party from family..... may be bcoz of your English....

  • Sunil A.
    16/04/2022 13:41


  • DrHimanshu P.
    16/04/2022 03:59

    Jai hind 🤗

  • Seema S.
    15/04/2022 10:22

    Salute sir

  • Pushkar A.
    15/04/2022 08:32

    Two brilliant human brains, one with different approach of questioning and other one with same attitude of answering 👌

  • Uv E.
    27/03/2022 21:42

    Going to space ?? Lajawab. Who U sending???? Bolly woody??? Please . All of them. Give their Rupees to the poor. No return ticket. The Khans want front Seats???? Ok. No problems.

  • Pradeep G.
    21/03/2022 08:56

    Intellectual fool!

  • Vykram J.
    20/03/2022 10:38

    As soon as one pervert from a Hindu community and from opposition emerge to discredit Government and Hindu community, just see how many other perverts from other religious beliefs follow that person... It's clear that birds of the same feathers flock together...

  • Sravan K.
    18/03/2022 21:40

    Why the hell is brut speaking to a congressman who doesn't represent the government of India or ISRO as of now??

  • Sandeep D.
    15/03/2022 19:50

    Dr Somnath sir ..What a great confidence and what a polite yet direct way of giving answer ... Because of people like sir ISRO is touching sky ...

  • Gagli T.
    14/03/2022 04:56

    Must watch The Kashmir Files movie

  • Shobhana L.
    26/02/2022 08:56

    He thinks failures are political.Make rahul in charge of space programme

  • Aflal E.
    23/02/2022 05:20

    ..all baloney...the facts speak fot themselves The Chinese landed a rover taking HD video footage for the 1st.time ever on the dark side of the moon... The hindus couldn't even land a rover or anything else for that matter on the earth facing side of the moon .. they talking of manned space flight? ..well the writings on the wall..the Chinese will endup saving the hindus and bringing them safety back to earth. and hindustan space program will never recover frm this bodyblow

  • Shashikant B.
    17/02/2022 10:45


  • Mayank T.
    11/02/2022 19:57

    Do they know Richard branson in isro

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