The life story of Gareth Thomas

10 years ago, he became the first professional rugby player to come out as openly gay. This is the life story of Gareth Thomas. đŸ’Ș

26/09/2019 09:01
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  • Andy C.
    30/09/2019 18:19

    You are a welsh legend Gareth always will be đŸŽó §ó ąó ·ó Źó łó żđŸŽó §ó ąó ·ó Źó łó żđŸŽó §ó ąó ·ó Źó łó żđŸ‘đŸ‘

  • Wayne S.
    30/09/2019 17:54

    Should have gloved up though

  • Ron H.
    30/09/2019 17:42

    I support you Gareth ! I support you !

  • Carl R.
    30/09/2019 17:40

    Respect m8

  • Ron H.
    30/09/2019 17:36

    Brave and courageous !

  • Eric C.
    30/09/2019 16:33

    He has a mental illnes . Needs therapy .

  • Phil J.
    30/09/2019 16:21

    Who wants to know, this is getting boring now and he just wants publicity. If he is gay, straight black or white then get on with it instead of boring people with this crap

  • Sarah K.
    30/09/2019 16:03


  • Mark M.
    30/09/2019 15:35

    Going through your dark days mate, opening up fighting for a cause your a special guy Alfie as far as I’m concerned 👌👍✊

  • Richard A.
    30/09/2019 15:22

    You can be macho AND shag lads you know. -_-

  • Rachel T.
    30/09/2019 15:13

    my dad was from Bridgend , i am a post women .

  • John S.
    30/09/2019 15:10

    There should be more like him brave man

  • Glen A.
    30/09/2019 14:59

    You have my backing , you are brave man xxx

  • Ferdinand P.
    30/09/2019 14:58

    So because he’s come out as an Homosexual everyone thinks he’s an Hero..he didn’t want to let people know because he was ashamed of it....what kind of a sexual lifestyle is that he lives that he got to be checked regularly for HIV......Is that people’s idea of an Hero..

  • Keith R.
    30/09/2019 14:45

    A real Hero..... Gareth has faced his demons and bared his heart and soul. He is an inspiration Alfie. Respect

  • Bronach M.
    30/09/2019 14:26

    Thank are a star you are are trailing star..the openned the issues no one deals with,..fear is from ignorance in HUNDREDS of issuses..thank you for bring it forward total star😎 TO THIS DAY i miss freddie this day i feel deeply saddened that he felt he had to " hide" first his sexually, but then his illness....thank god..thank any have told us..and we love you even more! You take care of yourself and help people who go through what you and hundreds of similar friends understand xxxx

  • Laurence L.
    30/09/2019 14:18

    I say it's the man that counts and not his sexuality good luck to him

  • Kevin S.
    30/09/2019 14:06

    Respect You have got my support

  • Andy M.
    30/09/2019 13:57

    No problem with him coming out as gay, im sure his family supported him, but to be so stupid and carless as to contract HIV

  • Pat J.
    30/09/2019 13:55

    PROUD of him âŁïžđŸŒ đŸŒˆđŸŒ âŁïž

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