If I were a horse..

From a national symbol to a faithful travel companion... Here is what it's like to be a horse around the world. 🐴

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Did The Centre Ban Govt Ads In These Newspapers?

Is the Modi government in the mood to run India’s national dailies dry? 📰

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Police Station Adopts Criminals' Dog

At least he won't be sleeping in the dog house! When this dog's owners were sent to jail, he found some unlikely caretakers. 👮🏽🐕

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India's Mission To The Moon

A technical snag may have delayed its launch, but when it does take off, Chandrayaan-2 will take India to the moon as only the fourth nation to do so, all on a shoestring budget.

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He Used to Paint Houses, Now He Has a Record Contract

Here's what happened to Arif Hayat, a house painter from Pakistan, when a video of him singing went viral. 🎤🎶

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The Apatani Women of the Northeast

This is how far these Indian women went to ward off unwanted attention.

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The Technology To Create Fake Videos Is Now Simpler

Do not believe everything you see on the internet! This technology is proof. ❌

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Ex-Congress president delivered his first comments on the political crisis rocking Congress-ruled states.

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The Panna Meena Ka Kund Of Amer

As India’s water crisis gets worse, here’s a throwback to one of its centuries-old and effective conservation techniques from Rajasthan.💧

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Malala, Pakistan's fearless education activist

She was shot by the Taliban at age 15 and survived. She won the Nobel Peace Prize at age 17. At age 20, Malala Yousafzai is finally getting to go back to her native Pakistan.

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