Leftist Activists Say Kashmir is NOT Normal

A group of prominent leftist activists went to Kashmir and say they found a small boy who was detained for days on false charges. But that was not all...

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Could A Two-Child Policy Work In India?

PM Modi wants Indians to have fewer children. Some politicians think we should legally be allowed only two. But would this work?

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When India’s Akbaruddin Stumped Pakistani Journalists

India’s ambassador to the UN surprised Pakistani journalists with this rare gesture after the Security Council’s informal, closed-door meeting on Kashmir.

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Ayushmann Khurrana And The Bollywood Upheaval

Did you ever picture Ayushmann Khurrana busting a move in a saree? You don't have to, he did it for real. 😎

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Shazia Ilmi Confronts Pro-Pakistan Protestors In Seoul

When BJP’s Shazia Ilmi came across a group of pro-Pakistan demonstrators on the streets of South Korea, this is how she reacted.

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Sushma Swaraj: 1952-2019

The life of Sushma Swaraj, the firebrand with a healing touch.

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12-Year-Old Feted For Helping Ambulance Cross Flooded Bridge

This 12-year-old braveheart, seen in this video wading through a bridge overrun by flood waters in Karnataka, just won a bravery award.

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Pakistani Hindus Return To Temple Closed Since Partition

Why Pakistan opened this Hindu temple in Sialkot…

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Nano Chopper Turns Heads in Chhapra, Bihar

This helicopter must stop at traffic signals.

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Watch Kolkata’s First “Rainbow Wedding”

It was like any other Bengali wedding, full of colour, sound and emotions. Except this one had a touch of history going for it too. 🌈

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