Want An Opinion? Ask Bollywood Actor Swara Bhaskar

Why Swara Bhaskar wants to delete her Twitter account. Thanks Ishq FM for the footage!

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Kashmir Pandit Returns To A Heartwarming Welcome

Why this Kashmiri Pandit chose to return to his homeland.

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Masood Azhar Gets Blacklisted As A Global Terrorist

The UN listed India’s most wanted terrorist and JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

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Sunny Deol Hit The Campaign Trail Bollywood Style

Sunny Deol used patriotism, Bollywood dialogues and Punjabi lingo in his debut political rally.

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Public Shaming Of Women Caught on Video

Can a woman's clothing be an invitation for sexual assault? That's what a stranger told this group of friends who were out in Delhi. One of them filmed what happened next. 😡

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Part 2 of Most Entertaining Moments From India's Election

No or Aww? What do you think of these moments from the election so far?

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In Ahmedabad, Keep Your Spit Where Your Mouth Is

Chew on this: Spitting on the streets of Ahmedabad could lead to a Rs.100 fine. 🤑

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This Simulator Lets You Experience Life on Mars

Is there life on Mars? Maybe not, but here's the next-best-thing. 🚀👀

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Nashik Women Risk Lives For Water

There’s a reservoir a short distance away. But when they need water, the women of this village in Nashik have to climb down a 60ft well.

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The Plight of India’s Captive Elephants

This tusker broke free and created quite a scene in Kerala — a reminder that India could be struggling to keep its 4,000 captive elephants happy. 🐘😞

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