Same Words Different Politician

We're getting deja vu watching the elections. 😩

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6 Highlights From The 2019 General Election

What you've missed in the Indian elections so far…

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The Activists Who Want A Men's Commission

These people are fighting to safeguard the rights of… MEN. 😶

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The Silent Army That Ensures India Is A Democracy

Risking possible death, these are the real heroes behind the world’s biggest elections even though they receive little credit for it. 👏

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This 65-Storey Building Is India’s Tallest

This Indian building soars above all other apartment blocks…where is it? ☝️

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Behind Kerala's Political Murders

One of India's most-educated states also has one of the highest rates of political murder.

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PM Modi Reacts To Memes Of Himself

There’s a new meme reviewer in town and it’s none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 👀👏

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Odisha Transgenders Rap Against Politicians

India’s job crisis got a solid ‘rap’ on the knuckles.

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10 Weird Food Delivery Facts

Indians are ordering lots of food. And Zomato’s latest report threw up some intriguing quirks. 😋

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For Digvijaya Singh, Things Don't Go As Expected In Bhopal Rally

In Bhopal, where Congress has been out of power for three decades, Digvijaya Singh was campaigning with gusto. And then this young man came along...

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