Meet The Woman Who Lifts Weights In A Sari


Dr. Sharvari Inamdar can do squats while carrying her mom and do pull-ups in a sari. Here’s the message behind her viral videos.

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India’s 10 Most Successful IITians


From Fortune 500 CEOs to authors and actors, meet some inspiring IIT alumni.

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Risky Rescue Caught On Camera


A woman jumped off a bridge. These army soldiers sprang into action, even as those around them were more focussed on filming the dramatic scene.

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Would You Pay Lakhs For A 7-Year-Old's Painting?


Advait Kolarkar began painting even before he could walk! 🎨👦🏽

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Reasons For High Oil Prices. Ft. Dharmendra Pradhan


Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has shown good mileage, defending the rise in fuel prices for many years now.

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From National Karate Champion To Poverty


She was an international gold medallist in karate until she quit her sport to do domestic work. But why?

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The Flying Sikh: The Race Of His Life


He ran to school as a child. Then India's Partition made him run. He started running for the Indian army. But when he finally hit the international running track, he started to FLY. Thanks to for the footage.

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Meet The 11-Year-Old Yoga Teacher


This 11-year-old yoga lover went from being bored during the lockdown to winning a major award from the UK government.

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The Life of Leander Paes


He always came through for India with decades of victories, medals, career Grand Slams… This sporting legend is throwing in the towel after 3 glorious decades.🎾

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Parliament’s Original “Funny Guy”


If there was ever a politician who could crack a joke, it’s Lalu Prasad Yadav. And this is his stand-up set.

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