3 Times Indian Political Rivals Played Nice


On what seemed like rare occasions, Indian politicians displayed a sense of bonhomie.

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Bhawana Kanth: The First Woman Fighter Pilot Part Of R-Day Parade


She is one of the first women fighter pilots in the IAF who will be a part of the Republic Day parade. Meet flight lieutenant Bhawana Kanth. 👏👏

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Mamata And Modi's Spat At Netaji's Birthday


"Inviting someone only to disrespect them is rather distasteful." So what if the PM was around, Mamata Banerjee wasn’t going to stand any “politics” at Netaji event.

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Rahul Gandhi Slams Modi In Tamil Nadu


“Where is the 56-inch chest now?” the Congress leader asked, counting the ways in which PM Modi has “weakened” the country.

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Where Is Jugal Hansraj Now?


He was the Lakdi Ki Kathi boy in Masoom. And Sameer in Mohabbatein. He even won a National Award for his directorial venture. But what is Jugal Hansraj up to now?

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Finally, Fresh Air For Kashmiri Students


First Article 370, then the coronavirus. Young Kashmiris weren't able to study for months until an engineer came up with this simple solution.

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Soundwave Tattoos: The New Ink Trend?


A tattoo you can hear?! Take our money now. 🤯 Celebrity tattoo artist Lokesh Verma spills the ink for Brut India on the latest tattoo rage.

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The Race That Celebrates The Last Man Cycling


The slowest one wins this race in Tamil Nadu. For real...🚴

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Designer Fashions Beautiful Rajasthani Uniforms


Forget your shapeless, drab school uniforms! At this girls' school for the underprivileged in Jaisalmer, everyone wears Sabyasachi. ✨😍

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Meet Eshna Kutty: The Hula Hoop Girl


You’ve probably seen her dancing away in a saree. For Brut, Eshna Kutty speaks about how you can shed insecurities, if you just know how to go with the flow. 💃

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