Kerala Filth Shocks Foreign Tourist

A tourist in Kerala was appalled when he saw this in the otherwise picturesque Wayanad. He posted his emotional outburst on TikTok.

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A Timeline Of India’s Anti-CAA Protests

A quick guide on all that’s happened in the two months since the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act became law of the land.

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Narendra Modi: Factually Wrong

Narendra Modi accuses his critics of lying through their teeth. But he often gets his own facts wrong.

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When Kejriwal Met Kamra

In 2019, Arvind Kejriwal told Kunal Kamra why the Amit Shah-Narendra Modi combine was dangerous for India.

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The History Of Jammu And Kashmir’s Public Safety Act

To prolong Omar Abdullah’s detention, authorities used a law that was introduced by his own grandfather. But J&K’s Public Safety Act was meant to serve a different purpose back then.

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Why Parasite Director Wants To Visit India

Months before Parasite made history by winning 4 Oscars, director Bong Joon-ho spoke to Brut about why he wants to visit India.

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Fit And Fabulous, Meet Kiran Dembla

In her 30s, she felt trapped in her body and mind. In her 40s, she’s a ripped bodybuilder, a hot shot celebrity trainer, and a fitness guru. Kiran Dembla spoke to Brut India about transforming her life through fitness. 💪😎

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Owaisi Will Die Before He Shows His Papers, He Says

You can shoot me in the heart before I show you my papers, cries out AIMIM's Asaduddin Owaisi at an anti-CAA/NRC protest in Kurnool.

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RSS Leader Distances Hindus and BJP

Don't confuse being anti-BJP with being anti-Hindu, says the General Secretary of the RSS.

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Raj Thackeray Sees No Point In Anti-CAA Protests

“Why are they showing their power?” Anti-CAA protestors have a new critic: Maharashtra’s Raj Thackeray.

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