Mahua Moitra Shakes Up Parliament Again


The Trinamool Congress MP questioned the Modi government’s “courage” on a number of pressing issues in her speech.

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Will These Controversial Measures Keep Women Safe?


From monitoring porn searches to clicking photos, here are some contentious decisions state governments made in the name of protecting women. What do you think?

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Where Is Parzaan Dastur Now?


From counting stars in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' to planning a future with the love of his life, Parzaan Dastur has come a long way.

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Rishabh Pant, The Fearless


He burst on to the scene like dynamite. Then a slump in form left him high and dry. But like a true champion, he made one of cricket’s glorious comebacks. Who is he?

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You Should Care About The New Rafale Revelations. Here's Why


The Rafale deal between India and France has been shrouded by controversy for years. This week, a French news portal published new allegations that should worry every Indian. Brut spoke to Yann Philippin, the journalist behind the investigation, to understand why his findings are important.

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Who Is Mukhtar Ansari?


The grandson of a Congress President, a five-time MLA, and a “don”. This is the story of Mukhtar Ansari.

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This Startup Deploys Helium Balloons In Isolated Areas


This startup deploys helium balloons in isolated or remote areas to provide reliable telecommunications and help scientists. Meet Cédric and Julie, the founders of EONEF. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

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This Man’s Gift For His Wife Broke Stereotypes


CrayLyf Rohit’s surprise gift for his wife made her cry in happiness. Watch to find out what it was...

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Meet Prafull Billore, The MBA Chai Wala


He quit preparing for an MBA and opened a tea stall. Two years later, it had grown into a restaurant. Prafull Billore speaks to Brut about his journey towards success. 🍵 Thanks to MBA Chai Wala!

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Jaya Bachchan's Journey From Cinema To Parliament


She was an accidental actor before she fell in love with her job. She took a break at the peak of her career. But her trajectory took an unusual turn when she took to politics. Today, she turns 73.

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