Blood And Oil: Petrol Pump Robberies

Why are petrol pump robberies so common? 💰

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Kanpur Cop Harasses Girl Who Alleged Molestation

She wanted to lodge a sexual abuse complaint. The cop started interrogating her about the benefits of wearing bangles.

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Azam Khan Grapples With ‘Sexist’ Comment Fallout

His poetry rendition interrupted, Azam Khan’s comeback remarks landed him in hot soup.

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What Are Sejal Kumar’s Most Memorable Outfits?

She is India’s most-watched fashion influencer. She gave Brut India an inside look into her favourite outfits.👗👞

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Forced Marriages for Indians in the UK

Worst vacation ever? During the summer holidays, some Indian-origin Britons are forced into marriage back home.

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This Deaf Folk Dancing Group Has Amazing Moves

Think deaf people can't dance? This Mexican troupe will prove you wrong. 💃👏

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6 Ways Politicians Clash With Journalists

World leaders could simply answer direct questions — but they’ve been known to treat journalists like this. 😮

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Meet Delhi’s Happiness Brigade

Don't spread hate in Delhi. Gift water, hand towels, birthday cakes instead. 👏

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This Device Cleans The Air Using Algae

It's like a giant nose… for polluted cities. This Mexican invention could improve air quality around the world. 👃🤓

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People Rain Tree Seeds On Aravali

Seedy angle: This drone was spotted hovering over the Aravali range in Haryana recently. But it wasn’t taking pictures or shooting a video.

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