Akbaruddin Owaisi Vs Narendra Modi

AIMIM’s Akbaruddin Owaisi, who was briefly jailed in 2013 for making inflammatory speeches, mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a recent rally in Hyderabad. 😡

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Shake A Leg Like Prabhu Deva

Happy birthday, Prabhudeva! If you always wanted to dance like the master choreographer, this tutorial by Nishant Nair - DanceFreax should be of good help. 🎤💃

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Here’s Chetan Bhagat Talking About Jobs In India

‘Stop banking on politicians, get on with your lives.’ Celebrity author Chetan Bhagat spoke to Brut India about jobs, politics, social media and more. 📚💰🗳

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The Opposition's Most Popular Modi Jab

There's a recurring theme in the opposition's criticism of the Indian prime minister. Can you guess what it is? 🎤

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Jean Dreze On How India Can Fight Food Insecurity

Economist and activist Jean Dreze has been speaking about the lack of a nutritious diet for India’s poor for a long time. He was detained recently for organising a gathering in Jharkhand where starvation deaths are fairly frequent. ⛓

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NASA Isn't Happy About India's Space Test

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says India's space test put lives at risk. 🗑🚀😮

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Hindus Have Never Been Terrorists, Says Modi

This time Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoked “the history of Hindus” to unleash a new line of attack on the Congress party.

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The Historic Rakesh Sharma-Indira Gandhi Chat

On this day 35 years ago, Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian to go to space. He had this chat with Indira Gandhi from a Soviet space station. 🚀🇮🇳

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Cop Saves Man From Slipping Under Moving Train

When will we learn to be careful on trains? 🚊😱

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Meet Azim Hashim Premji, The Billionaire Giver

This multi-billionaire has redefined philanthropy in India. Who is he? 💰💰💰

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