This Woman Does Not 'Tyre' Easily


A puncture mechanic, she paid for her children's education, fixing flat tyres for 25 years. 💪

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Meet The Moustache Man Of India


Girdhar Vyas’s 32ft moustache has made him a local celebrity. But do you know its drawback?🧔

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Comedian Exposes Peeing Habits Of Men


“Inside the pot, not around the pot.” Jeeya Sethi goes below the belt with her latest standup act. 😂

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Naga Girl Faces Racism Over Covid-19 Fear


They were quarantined for more than 24 hours in Ahmedabad because they were from Nagaland. Racism? 👀

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Covid-19: Two Assaulted For Skipping Masks


Two friends were out shopping essentials in a Hyderabad supermarket. But they were not wearing masks. Then this happened…😮

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AIMIM MLA And Aides Create Ruckus in Nashik Hospital


An AIMIM MLA and his aides stormed a Nashik hospital to hold a doctor to account for allegedly neglecting patients with Covid-19 symptoms. 🤦‍♀️

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India’s First Homegrown Covid-19 Kit


A lab in Pune has launched India's first coronavirus testing kit. They say it’s more affordable than imported devices and its results come out quicker too. 🧬🧪

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Racism Towards Northeast During Coronavirus Spread


"Corona" has even become a racist slur. Here's what people from the Northeast have to endure during the pandemic.

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How India Coped With Social Distancing


3 Indian examples of creative social distancing in the times of coronavirus. Ok hand

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Data Journalist’s Alarming Covid-19 Projection For India


“The cases in India have now started doubling in four to five days, perhaps even quicker.” Data journalist Rukmini S told Brut why she thinks India will be home to nearly 10 lakh Covid-19 cases by May. 😳

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