Want To Know The Secrets Of The Kamasutra?


There's more to the Kamasutra than sex, and yet, it can turn you into a great lover. Go on, then...

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The Blood Sport That Refuses To Die


Most popular in some southern Indian states, cockfighting is a traditional sport that even a ban couldn’t stop. ⚠️ TW: Some images can cause distress.

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Meet Bharath Subramaniyam, India's New Grandmaster


This 14-year-old has just become India's 73rd chess Grandmaster. But what does it take to become one? Brut spoke to Bharath Subramaniyam to find out..♟

To Increase Or Not To Increase: Marriage Age


Would Indian women be better off if their marriage age was increased to 21?

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The Story Of A Lost Wallet In India


An American entrepreneur told the story of what he discovered while searching for a lost wallet in India. Special thanks to Global Dignity.

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Food Combos No One Asked For


Would you like to have Masala Dosa Ice Cream tonight? We have the recipe!

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Food Combos No One Asked For


Maggi Golgappa, anyone? We have the recipe!

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Meet Netaji: The Enigmatic Freedom Fighter


He started an army to fight the British when more influential freedom fighters practised non-violence. But Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was never given to conventions, not even as a child. Today is his 74th death anniversary.

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Why I Quit My Job To Sell Idlis


He left his lucrative job with Goldman Sachs to sell idlis in Bengaluru. Here's why...

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Tamil Nadu's Endearing Soulmate Search Practice


How much are you willing to sweat to find your soulmate? Also, are you strong enough?

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