When R. Madhavan Learnt A Valuable Lesson


Why was actor R. Madhavan asked to keep his marriage a secret when he made his film debut? 👀 Thanks to INKtalks for the footage.

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When Gadkari Got Candid About Cleanliness


"I had a fleet with police cars, I stopped them all." Nitin Gadkari has some uniques ideas about managing cleanliness and pollution in his city. 👀

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Javed Akhtar On Internet Trolls


Javed Akhtar is a favourite target of trolls, but why is he more sad than angry about that? He explained in this 2018 interview...

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These Artworks Gave Mumbai's Mahim District A New Colour


Here's how parts of Asia's second largest slum and the heart of Mumbai are now home to some of the coolest art. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

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AAP’s Power Play For Uttar Pradesh


“Will give 300 units of free electricity if AAP comes to power,” Manish Sisodia adopts the Delhi formula to woo Uttar Pradesh voters.

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Virat Kohli On Who He Is Answerable To


"Even now, there are doubters and haters all around." That was Virat Kohli in 2017 sharing his roadmap to success. He decided to step down as India’s T20 captain this week.

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When PM Modi Spoke About His Childhood


In 2015, PM Modi got emotional as he recalled the sacrifices made by his mother when he was a child. The Prime Minister turns 71 today...

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Bihar Man Said Modi Sent Him Money


A man in Bihar claimed that PM Modi sent him the first instalment of the Rs. 15 lakh he promised back in 2014... 😯

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The Influencer Who Danced Into Trouble


This viral video got this influencer likes, comments... and a police case!

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Rahul Gandhi On Who's The Real Hindu


"They are fake Hindus!" - Rahul Gandhi

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