She Said Yes… Underwater

When it came to proposing to his girlfriend, this guy wasn't afraid to dive in. 🌊 💍

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Sid Mallya Had An Emotional Day In Court

The son of India's most famous financial fugitive took a break from his acting career to make this teary video.

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The Chambal's Pollution-Free Secret

The Chambal river somehow escaped pollution for centuries. HOW? 😲🐊

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Shabana Azmi On Dissent In India

Shabana Azmi proposed this solution for India’s many problems.

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Nusrat Jahan’s Sindoor: The Face Of Inclusive India?

So what if she is a Muslim who married a Jain and likes to sport the sindoor to Parliament? TMC lawmaker and actor Nusrat Jahan is refusing to take religious bigotry lying down.

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Branching Out! This Family Built Their Home Around A Tree

Cut down a tree to build their home? This family "wood" not have it!

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50 Years Of Medimix

Its story could make a soap opera. Here's where Medimix comes from.

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5 Things that Will Be Cheaper With the Union Budget

Want to save money this year? The government says these things will cost less under the new Union Budget. 💰

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How To Make Your Own Dish Soap

Sick of wasting plastic and money on store-bought dish soap? Here's how to make your own. 🧴 🧽

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This Haryana Shelter Is Home to 700 Abandoned Animals

Anjali Gopalan is a human rights activist who became an animal rights activist. Now she has helped rehabilitate and house hundreds of animals.

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