Man Versus Wild: A Brave Rescue Mission

Hearing cries of help from a deep well, this man began to climb into it. Only, it was full of poisonous snakes.

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Are You Smarter Than A 6 Year Old?

She’s fast, she’s smart, and she’s only six! This young speedcuber from Chennai is all kinds of genius.

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One Litre Milk Was Served to 81 Students for Their Mid-day Meal

How many children can be fed with a one-litre milk carton? This cook thought it was 81.

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The Sleeping Beauties Of Parliament

5 times politicians were caught sleeping in Parliament

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Meet Uddhav Thackeray

Meet the man who refused to be anything less than a Chief Minister. This is the story of Uddhav Thackeray.

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Live Animals Transport: A Controversial Business

When 14,600 sheep were trapped inside a sinking cargo ship... These shocking images have shed light on an ever-growing and controversial business. Here is what lies behind "death ships".

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Amit Shah On PM Modi’s Travel Habits

“Narendra Modi bathes in airports during overseas trips.” This Amit Shah speech shed new light on how frugal India’s Prime Minister really is. 👀

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From 2015, Uddhav’s Birthday Wish To Pawar

Could this be the reason why Uddhav Thackeray didn’t mind aligning with Sharad Pawar? In this 2015 video, the Shiv Sena supremo gives a warm speech wishing the NCP patriarch on his 75th birthday. #tbt

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Sharad Pawar’s Satara Speech In Pouring Rain

This is that speech that made Sharad Pawar the real hero of the prolonged Maharashtra election saga.

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No Fear Of Recession in India, Says Sitharaman

"No recession ever.” The opposition parties may have staged a walkout, but India’s finance minister was boisterous about fighting the economic slowdown.

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