The Candidates Challenging Modi in Varanasi

Meet the motley crew running against Modi.

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Meet Ravi Kishan: The Political Actor

He is the son of a priest. He is a Bhojpuri superstar. He is also a politician fighting to bring the contentious Gorakhpur seat back into BJP’s fold. Who is he? 🎥

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“Election Dance” Sets New Record

Thousands of people are dancing with their voter cards. 💃

This CRPF Officer Hand-Fed a Paralysed Boy

This Sikh trooper fed a child by hand in Kashmir. ❤️

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This Wedding Had Everything Except A Bride

He wanted to get married, but his family members weren't sure he would find a bride. They threw him a big, fat wedding anyway. 🎉

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How Bad Is India’s Water Crisis?

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year because they don't have access to clean drinking water. So why isn't paani an election issue? 💧

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Priyanka Gandhi Casts Ballot In New Delhi

Priyanka Gandhi along with husband Robert Vadra cast their vote.

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TIME Magazine Calls Modi "India's Divider In Chief"

A question from TIME magazine: Can the world's largest democracy endure another five years of a Modi government?

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Priyanka Gandhi Knows How to Please a Crowd

It's a stressful time to be Priyanka Gandhi's security guard. 😰

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Ramzan

Did you know that during Ramzan, you are not supposed to swallow intentionally?

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