Angry Driver Rams Car Into Crowd

Watch the terrifying video of an angry driver who drove into a crowd of people in north-west Delhi before speeding off. 😰

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Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Backs Kashmir’s New Status

India’s biggest Muslim body just backed the Centre’s decision to scrap the special status of what used to be India’s only Muslim majority state.

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India Vs. Pakistan At The UN

India and Pakistan exchanged some searing blows at the UN Human Rights Council. ⚡️

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The 73-Year-Old New Mom

After waiting for about six decades to have a baby, this woman gave birth to twin girls, at 73! 😲

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Pakistan Foreign Minister’s Blooper at UNHRC

Trolls had a field day when Pakistan’s foreign minister made this gaffe during a press briefing at the UN Human Rights Council.

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Cab-Happy Millennials To Blame For Fall In Car Sales?

What ails India’s auto sector? This reply by the finance minister sparked some high-speed trolling by India’s millennials. 🤔

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Meet Noor Inayat Khan

She was an Indian princess who loved playing the harp. But she ended up a spy bringing the Nazi regime down. She died 75 years ago today.

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Activist Wants India To Step Up Gilgit Claim

This activist from Gilgit-Baltistan echoed the Indian view that the trans-Himalayan region does not belong to Pakistan.

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Won't Give An Inch To Pakistan: Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor slammed Pakistan and said that the opposition parties in India stand united with Narendra Modi on Kashmir at the United Nations.

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Madhya Pradesh’s Mid-Day Problem

Before the story of children served salt and roti with as their midday meal broke, these children in Madhya Pradesh were served their mid day meal that was cooked in a toilet. And this isn’t the first time.

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