Covid-19: Cops Break Godwoman's Stupor


She was exorcising evil spirits in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The police were enforcing the Covid-19 lockdown. This is what happened when they faced off. 😲😲

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Odissi Dancer Spreads Awareness On Covid19


A global pandemic may have forced her to stay home, but for dancer Mahina Khanum it meant performing Odissi to spread awareness. 💃

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Myths About Coronavirus Busted


No, you can’t “kill” coronavirus by eating hot or cold things. Dr. KK Aggarwal debunks some popular myths about the viral disease.

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People Stranded in Jharkhand During Covid-19


Labourers find themselves stranded in Jharkhand as their employers shut shop during a Coronavirus lockdown.

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India’s Labour And The Lockdown


Some Indian companies are helping daily wagers survive the lockdown. 👏

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Quarantine, Isolation, Distancing: Differences


Quarantine, distancing, isolation… What do these words actually mean and when do they apply?

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A Survivor's Guide to Coronavirus


Rohit Dutta, Delhi's first Covid-19 survivor, shares his story of hope during his 14-day isolation at Safdarjung Hospital.

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Airline Employee Harassed By Neighbours


An employee of IndiGo Airlines faced prejudice from her neighbours who felt she had coronavirus. 😔

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Dr. Naresh Trehan On Coronavirus Lockdown


“Indians are not disciplined.” Here’s why Dr. Naresh Trehan backs the nationwide lockdowns in India. 🤐

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WHO Director On India’s Fight Against Covid-19


"It's exceptionally important that countries like India lead the way and show the world what can be done," said the World Health Organisation.

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