Mahua Moitra's Fiery First Speech in Parliament

This first-time lawmaker TORE APART the Modi government in her maiden speech in Parliament. 😱

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Zaira Wasim Bids Adieu To Bollywood

Long before she quit acting because she felt it interfered with her religion, Zaira Wasim reiterated how she never had any intention of getting into Bollywood.

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Helicopter Loses Control Mid-Air

A BJP Member of Parliament from Alwar had a narrow escape when the helicopter carrying him appeared to momentarily lose control. 🚁 😮

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How An Indian Air Force Pilot Avoided a Near-Disaster

His plane was hit by a bird and his engine failed, but seconds later this Indian Air Force pilot made a decision that saved the lives on board.

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Amit Shah Attacks Old Foe Congress for Kashmir Policy

Who should be blamed for President's rule in Jammu and Kashmir? Home Minister Amit Shah points to the opposition.

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Parliament Empty During Water Crisis Debate

Even as Indians struggle with severe water scarcity, many lawmakers chose not to attend a Parliament debate about the crisis. 😧💧

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TikTok Videos Land Odisha Nurses In Trouble

These nurses in Odisha are facing the music for their TikTok videos. 🤳🏼

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What Zero Waste Music Sounds Like

Garbage Din! This musician uses trash to strike the right note.

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Indians As Seen By 4 Foreigners

What foreigners living in India actually think of Indians.

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Kabir Singh: 5 Reasons The Movie Got Hate

In the MeToo era, this new film found box-office success and feminist backlash in equal measure. What was your reaction to Kabir Singh?

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