The Cow In The Clothing Store

This cow goes to a garment store every day. Not bought anything yet.

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Man Attacks Bike After Traffic Challan

Riding without a helmet can also be injurious for the motorcycle.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Gift Someone A Pet

Priyanka Chopra gave this adorable puppy to Nick Jonas! But is gifting pets a good idea? 🐶

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Woman Attacked With Chilli Spray At Sabarimala

The heated Sabarimala temple discord goes on. A woman attempting to enter was sprayed in the face with chilli.

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3 Chief Ministers Whose Stint Didn’t Last Even A Week

After Devendra Fadnavis served as Chief Minister for only 80 hours, here’s a look at other leaders who occupied office, very briefly.

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Too Much Pollution = Too Little Copulation?

Toxic smog can ruin sex drive too.

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Plainclothes Cops Caught in Maharashtra Politics

This is no vacation! These plainclothes policemen were caught in the middle of Mumbai's intense resort politics.

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The Curious Case Of Two Men, One Bank Account

One bank account was given to two people with the same name. As one Hukum Singh was depositing money, the other Hukum Singh began withdrawing it because he believed, "Modi ji was depositing the money."

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Brush With The Bush: BJP-TMC Tussle Gets Rowdy

A senior BJP leader was kicked into the bush during assembly bypolls in West Bengal.

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Survivors of 26/11 On Attack's 11th Year

The staff of Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace hotel will never forget the 26/11 attack. The carnage started on this day 11 years ago.

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