Meet The Man Spreading Smiles With Vada Pav


Last year, Omkar Godbole had just Rs. 300 in his pocket and a tonne of problems. Here's what he did next... Thanks to Bindhasta Vadapav.

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The Kerala Snakebite “Murder”


This Kerala man was accused of committing a vicious crime in the dead of the night. Here is what allegedly took place. 🐍

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Muslim Men Dragged Out Of Garba Event In Indore


College garba event or love jihad? In Indore, the Bajrang Dal intervened. Here’s what happened after that…

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  • 394

Is PM Modi A Dictator?


Does PM Modi believe in a dictatorship? Amit Shah had an answer...

  • 119.7K
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Tea With A Side Of Kishore Da


This tea seller in Kolkata serves chai with a special ingredient no one can ignore. ☕️✨

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Meet Sarthak Agarwal, Meme Star


Remember Sarthak Agarwal, who featured in several viral memes after topping the CBSE exams in 2014? He’s now got the 17th rank in UPSC exams. He told Brut his secrets, and also weighed in on his favourite memes!

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Pakistani Husband’s Viral ‘Errand’ For Wife


Who says life after marriage can’t be romantic? Watch this Pakistani man’s surprise for his wife and her adorable reaction…

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When Durga Puja Came Back To Alimuddin Street


The Hindu families in Kolkata's Alimuddin Street hadn't seen Durga Puja celebrations in their locality for years. So these Muslim residents decided to change that...

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When An Indian Met An American Busker


Gaurang Rakholia was strolling down an American street when suddenly... a total Bollywood moment happened. 🤩

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Girl’s Gucci Belt’s Price Shocks Mother


This mom didn't bother to hold back when she saw her daughter's expensive new accessory... 😂

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