Art and Games in Braille

An architect from Mumbai is trying to bridge the gap between cultural art and the differently-abled. 🎨

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India’s First Transgender Cab Driver

From begging in local trains to now becoming an icon for the transgender community, this cab driver is five-star!

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The TikTok Star Arrested For Robbery

Shahrukh Khan, the TikTok star, gained fame for his dance moves. However, he's now arrested for stealing phones. Phones that he allegedly stole to make better TikTok videos. 😮

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UN Human Rights Chief's Message To India & Pakistan

Ease up on Kashmir, engage people in the decision-making, United Nations Human Rights Chief tells India and Pakistan in Geneva.

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What Dr. Abdul Kalam Said On Failure Of SLV-3

ISRO's plan to soft-land Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander may not have gone as per plan. Here's a 2012 video of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam recalling the first time he experienced failure.

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The Best Is Yet To Come: Modi

In case you missed them, here are the highlights from ISRO's historic moon mission, Chandrayaan-2.

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Kashmir Clampdown: A Local Journalist’s Story

“Harassed and briefly detained.” Journalist Aakash Hassan told Brut India about the problems he faced in covering the Kashmir lockdown.

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Nitin Gadkari Defends Heavy Fines For Traffic Violations

Nitin Gadkari believes that the heavy penalties under the new Motor Vehicles Act are going to save lives.

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These Bamboo Bottles Could Be A Green Alternative to Plastic

Sick of throwing away plastic bottles? You could try one of these Assam-made bamboo bottles.

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Aarey Girls Make Fiery Speech To Protect Forest

These two feisty girls lit up the Aarey forest protests in Mumbai with their stirring speech. 🙅🏻 🌳

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