Hindus Look After Mosque In Bihar Village

It’s the Hindus who play the azaan at this Bihar mosque every day.

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Akash Banerjee’s Take On Arun Jaitley’s Legacy

Why satirist Akash Banerjee thinks Arun Jaitley and Kanhaiya Kumar have something in common. (Here's his YouTube channel, The Desh Bhakt: https://bit.ly/2Nrk6BP)

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A Brave Forest Officer Rescued This Crocodile

The 12-foot-long crocodile was saved by a forest officer, who offered to go into the well to slip a rope under the reptile.

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Toll Plaza Woman Staffer Fights Violent Driver

When a man assaulted a woman employee at this Haryana toll booth, she gave it back to him. 😡

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Why Indian Tourists Be Like This ???!!!

Indian tourists got a bad name when a family was caught stealing hotel accessories in Bali some months ago. But TV actor Siddhant Karnick had filmed another embarrassing trend in Bhutan last year. 😐

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Chemical Factory Blast Raises Safety Concerns

Thirteen lives were lost in this chemical factory blast. Are companies cutting corners and endangering the lives of their workers?

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Army Releases Confession Videos Of Suspected Terrorists

The Indian Army said these men were LeT operatives from Pakistan who entered India to launch terror attacks.

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BJP Veteran’s Call For Fearless Leadership

Is there anyone who can stand up to the Prime Minister? Murli Manohar Joshi asks leaders to speak up without worrying about Modi’s feelings.

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Siddaramaiah Slaps Man, Calls Him Son

Siddaramaiah’s slap: fatherly affection or plain anger?

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Mohammed Shami: A Pacer In The Dock

This India speedster who weathered many storms is facing an arrest warrant over allegations of domestic violence. 🏏

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