WHO Official Praises India’s Virus Containment Bid


India’s fight against coronavirus gets a thumbs up from WHO.

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Ranjan Gogoi: The Judge Who Became A Lawmaker


Former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi is now a Rajya Sabha MP. Order, order…

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India’s Response To Pakistan At UNHRC


Diplomat Rachita Bhandari hit back at Pakistan after it accused India of human rights violations in Kashmir. This happened just days before Imran Khan sent a junior minister to a video conference of SAARC leaders led by PM Modi on tackling the coronavirus crisis.

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Rahul Gandhi’s Alarming Coronavirus Prognosis


Rahul Gandhi painted an apocalyptic future for India, criticising the Modi government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

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No Hotel For Spanish Tourist In Silchar


This Spanish cyclist reached Silchar as part of his world tour. But no one was willing to rent him a room.😑

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The First Trials Of Coronavirus Vaccine


Here's a look at the first human trial of a coronavirus vaccine. 💉

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Sanjay Singh Vs Amit Shah On Delhi Riots


Home Minister Amit Shah responded in kind after AAP's Sanjay Singh tore into the government's handling of the Delhi riots on the Rajya Sabha floor.

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Rahul Gandhi Gaffe On Wilful Defaulter List


Rahul Gandhi wants the list of wilful defaulters out. But does he want the government to name 50 of them or 500? 🤔

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The DIY Mask: Here's How It's Done


Learn to make your own mask. All you need is a clean handkerchief. Thanks to Suba's Samayalarai (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKXSb_XXtwtkEmDcU46Fu6A) for the video.

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Doctor Calmly Explains COVID-19 To His Waiting Room


Listen to a calm expert's voice on the coronavirus. This is Dr. Anshul Varshney describing which symptoms to watch out for specifically. 🌡

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