87-Year-Old Cricket Fan Steals The Show At World Cup

Rohit Sharma may have won man of the match against Bangladesh but it was grandma Charulata Patel who captured everyone's heart. ❤️

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Cyclists Protest Naked In Mexico

These protestors are demanding safe spaces to travel, by cycling naked through the streets of Mexico City.

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This Orangutan Has The Best Reaction To A Magic Trick

Orangutan has ROFL reaction to magic trick 🤣🤣🤣

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Brother Helps Sister Bust Period Myth

A menstruating girl can’t water plants? This man helped his young sister understand why this was just a ridiculous myth. 🙅‍♀️

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5 Things We Can Learn From Indian Mythology

5 lessons modern India can learn from Indian mythology, according to banker turned bestselling author Amish Tripathi. 😇

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Tiger Chases Motorcyclists In Hair-Raising Video

Catch me if you can! These bikers were chased by a tiger. 🐯😲

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Mahua Moitra's Fiery First Speech in Parliament

This first-time lawmaker TORE APART the Modi government in her maiden speech in Parliament. 😱

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Zaira Wasim Bids Adieu To Bollywood

Long before she quit acting because she felt it interfered with her religion, Zaira Wasim reiterated how she never had any intention of getting into Bollywood.

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Helicopter Loses Control Mid-Air

A BJP Member of Parliament from Alwar had a narrow escape when the helicopter carrying him appeared to momentarily lose control. 🚁 😮

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How An Indian Air Force Pilot Avoided a Near-Disaster

His plane was hit by a bird and his engine failed, but seconds later this Indian Air Force pilot made a decision that saved the lives on board.

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