Why this mother is the best mom ever.

This mother shared the message she wrote to her son when his Class 10 results came out. 👩‍👦🤗

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What It Takes To Be A Girl In Urban India

A middle-aged Delhi woman was in the news recently for allegedly asking men at a restaurant to rape a group of girls because one of them was wearing a short skirt. This got Yuvaa, a digital youth platform, to fire this epic response. 👭

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Meet Julianne Moore

She spent her childhood endlessly moving from place to place and then spent her early adulthood as a struggling actress in New York. How did Julianne Moore then go on to win an Oscar and become a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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When Anurag Kashyap Got Sick Of Papparazzi

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap just had an epic showdown with celebrity photographers. 📸

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This Playful Wedding Song Will Make You Smile

Mumbai couple AnantKiVeena have the sweetest wedding video. 😍😍

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Women Activists Refuse To Buckle Down In CJI Case

Why are these women risking possible jail time and water cannons to take on the Chief Justice of India?

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Italian Journalist Says Balakot Strike Killed Up To 170

Freelancer Francesca Marino claims India's strike on Pakistan in February killed up to 170 terrorists.

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Vs. Smriti Irani For Amethi

In the battle for Amethi, Priyanka Gandhi is making sure Smriti Irani’s jibes at her brother don’t go unanswered. ⚔️

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Afghan Boy Dances On New Prosthetic Leg

Got new leg, will dance. This young Afghan amputee’s reaction won hearts worldwide. 🕺🏻

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This Man Broke 1,000 Tiles on His Head

If you think your goals are giving you a headache… This man is trying to get a world record for breaking tiles on his head. 🥋 🏆

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