Raj Thackeray Sees No Point In Anti-CAA Protests

“Why are they showing their power?” Anti-CAA protestors have a new critic: Maharashtra’s Raj Thackeray.

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Alka Lamba Vs. AAP Supporter On Election Day

Congress party’s Alka Lamba had a run-in with an AAP supporter on Delhi’s polling day.

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Salman Khurshid Chants Azadi With 3-Year-Old

Congress party’s Salman Khurshid took delight at this toddler’s Azadi chant near Jamia university in New Delhi.

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New Trend: Students Flaunt Study Hours On YouTube

These millennials are so addicted to being online they even live-stream their study hours.📚📱

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Milind Soman: The Happy Husband

The millennial in Milind spills the beans on the secrets to a happy marriage and stress-free life. He spoke to Brut India a few days after the launch of his memoir “Made in India”. The book deals with all the controversies he’s faced, the relationships he’s been through and how he broke the vicious habits of smoking and alcohol.

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The Solar Mamas Of Rajasthan

These women from the world’s poorest regions have come to a village in Rajasthan in search of light. 🌞😎

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Woman Pulls Off Dramatic Rescue Of Drowning Dog

A dog was on the verge of drowning in this village well until a 40-year-old woman stepped in… literally. 😯😯

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India's Wild Plan To Bring Cheetahs Back

India could bring this iconic Indian animal BACK from extinction. 🐆

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Women Protesting About All Things Not-Women

Shaheen Bagh, Independence, alcohol laws… Here are 5 times Indian women occupied public space in protest - about more than gender equality.

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Shaheen Bagh Shooter’s Father Busts Police Claim

"Most of the time, my son was into Hinduism, Hindutva and Hindustan.” Not AAP member, my son is a Modi fan, says father of Shaheen Bagh shooter.

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