A Tragic Exodus But No Government Data On Migrant Deaths


While the government said it did not record how many migrants died in the exodus, news reports and independent databases tried to document the enormous human tragedy.

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South Indians Wear Their Pride On Their Sleeve


South Indians just took over social media to make, literally, a fashion statement.

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Adityanath Names Mughal Museum After Maratha Leader


“How can our heroes be Mughals?” asked the UP chief minister who renamed a new Mughal Museum in Agra after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

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Bihar Man Digs Canal with Herculean Effort


Looking for a solution to irrigate the fields in his village, this man from Bihar persevered in his efforts to dig a 3 km-long canal without any help. Here’s how he did it...

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Jaya Bachchan VS. Ravi Kishan On Drugs In Bollywood


When BJP’s Ravi Kishan alleged Bollywood had a drugs problem, Samajwadi Party’s Jaya Bachchan issued this stinging defence of the film industry.

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Driving Change in India’s Farmlands


This engineer wasn’t able to complete his studies. But that didn’t stop him from building this product for his farmer father. This Engineer’s Day, take a look at his mechanical wonder, made outside the classroom.

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India’s Unemployment Crisis Getting Noisier


These unemployed youths banged pots and pans, a gesture popularised by the Prime Minister ahead of the Covid-19 lockdown. But these guys were trying to raise awareness about a completely different crisis.

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When Arunachal CM Trekked 11 Hours


Chief Minister Pema Khandu put on his walking shoes and went on a long, a really long, trek…

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Trump Claims Modi Praised Covid-19 Testing in US


Donald Trump drew on Narendra Modi’s supposed appreciation of coronavirus testing in the US to reinforce how well the US administration has handled the pandemic.

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Ex-Naval Officer Assaulted For Sharing Uddhav Cartoon


Retired naval officer Madan Sharma was assaulted outside his Mumbai residence for allegedly forwarding an Uddhav Thackeray cartoon on WhatsApp.

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