Puducherry CM Makes Insensitive Remark On Transgender People

Puducherry Chief Minister made a dubious remark about transgender people...while complaining about the GST.

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Women Politicians Strike Back At Sexism

"Blot on all legislators", "Redneck", "Piece of s***". Here's how women politicians around the world have reacted to sexist comments in Parliament.

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US-Bound With No Papers, They Were Deported Back To India

Their American dream ended in a Mexican nightmare.

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Virat Kohli’s First-Ever On-Camera Interview

Virat Kohli was speaking his mind even when he was 19. Hear him make some interesting points about problems facing India’s senior cricket team ahead of the 2007 World Cup.

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Angel Investor From Silicon Valley Slams Modi Government

How much has Narendra Modi’s signature Startup India campaign flagged? Silicon Valley investor Asha Jadeja Motwani raised more than one red flag in this interview to Brut India. Brut partnered with @TiEDelhi for the 4th edition of TiE Global Summit.

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India Makes The First Birth Control Drug For Men

India made the first ever reversible birth control for men. 💉👏

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A Student Protest In New Delhi From 2006

Clashes between dissenting students and the police aren’t new. This 2006 protest was led by medical students in New Delhi against a caste-based reservation plan approved by Manmohan Singh’s cabinet. Much like the JNU protests of today, the police used water cannons, tear gas, and brute force to control them. The students refused to back down. #tbt

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Police Rewards Furry Soldiers

Watch out, it's the pawlice! The CISF rewarded some retiring furry friends with very serious honours, and it's adorable.

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Oxygen Bar Opens In The Pollution Capital

Delhi residents can live it up at a new "oxygen bar" in the city. But will it solve their pollution woes?

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Dear Prime Minister: JNU Student Appeals PM For Fee Hike Rollback

“Dear Prime Minister, when you are introducing this fee hike, you are telling me that those naysayers to my dreams were correct and I was wrong.” A JNU student talks to Brut India about the university's fee hike.

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