UP Journalist Faces Multiple Cases For Doing His Job

This journalist from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, is facing a criminal case for exposing a mid-day meal racket.

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Meet Freddie Mercury

He is one of the world’s most celebrated rockstars. But few know about his Indian roots.

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Delhi Mom And Daughter Fight Chain-Snatchers

Mid-afternoon. Busy street. Bustling neighbourhood. A couple of guys swooped in on a bike to try and snatch this woman’s chain. But they were in for a rude surprise. 😎

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This Biker Just Paid Rs. 23,000 In Traffic Fines

Yes, the new traffic laws are for real. This man in Gurugram says the fine he paid was more than the cost of his two-wheeler. 😱

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What Did Indira Gandhi Say About East Pakistan Refugees?

While the NRC attempts to document illegal immigrants entering India after the midnight of 24 March 1971, here’s a throwback to when over a million refugees crossed over from East Pakistan and overwhelmed the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. #tbt

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Meet Sadhguru

The motorcycle-riding guru from Mysore who became a global icon. This is the story of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. This week, he turned 62.

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Manmohan Singh’s Message To Modi on GDP Slump

“Reach out to sane voices.” With the Indian economy in the grips of a crippling slowdown, the normally reticent Manmohan Singh suggested a stern solution. But is the Modi government listening?

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Air Chief Flies MiG-21, Abhinandan Varthaman Co-Pilot

"We both fought Pakistanis and we both ejected." Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa on flying with Abhinandan Varthaman in his last MiG-21 sortie before retirement.

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Meet The Astronaut Wandering On Indian Roads

This artist took a giant leap for mankind to highlight an everyday Bengaluru problem.

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Jay Shetty “Stole” One-Liners: Candian Comic’s Viral Claim

He is followed by millions, watched by billions. But fans of motivational speaker Jay Shetty might find this piece of news deeply demotivating. 😱

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