5 Non-Political Avatars Of Mamata Banerjee

If Mamata Banerjee gets tired being a politician someday, she has a whole list of career options she can choose from. 😬

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76-Year-Old Runs Auto-Rickshaw Ambulance Service

In a city where many accident victims get killed because no one cares to stop and help, this 76-year-old does the exact opposite. Every single day. 👏 👏

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It's Tigers VS Cows

On World Tiger Day, India celebrated the big cat's roaring numbers. But how does it compare to India's most controversial animal?

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When Ravish Kumar Met The Wrong Right-Wing

News anchor Ravish Kumar held his own when satirist Akash Banerjee subjected him to a round of right-wing rapid fire. 🔥

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Vipin Sahu: The Viral Paraglider

Vipin Sahu,24, from Banda, Uttar Pradesh, never imagined he would go viral on the internet. But his wildly-hilarious paragliding video left the whole of India in splits. Sahu is afraid of heights but when his friends coaxed him into a ride, he gave in. Though the ride didn't go as planned, Sahu is slightly more confident now and wants to go skydiving next. Go Vipin! ✌️ 😎

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A Punjab Mother’s Solution For Daughter’s Drugs Problem

A mother chained her heroin-addict daughter to bed: The most telling sign that Punjab is struggling to fight against drug abuse.

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Meet PV Sindhu: India's Shuttle Queen

On National Sports Day, as Prime Minister Modi urged Indians to get fitter, here’s celebrating the story of a soft-spoken champion who had to recalibrate her fitness routine to add a golden touch to her remarkable career.🏸

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Girl Power: Smriti Irani Shares Inspiring Story

Smriti Irani surprised India with the inspiring story of this model from Rajasthan. 👏

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When Shilpa Shetty Got Embroiled in Controversy

Twelve years ago, Shilpa Shetty became the talk of the town when she was subjected to racist abuse on the popular UK reality show "Celebrity Big Brother". But she went on to win the show. The same year she was hit with more controversy when Hollywood actor Richard Gere kissed her at a charity event. Here's a throwback to Shetty's comment on both incidents. #tbt

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Opposition Has Used Black Magic Against BJP: Pragya Thakur

Everybody: Rest In Peace. Pragya Thakur: Black Magic.

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