How Jaipur Doctors Are Fighting Coronavirus


Three out of four coronavirus patients at Jaipur's Sawai Man Singh Hospital have recovered. Dr. Raman Sharma spoke to Brut about his team’s success. 😯😯

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Rapes In India, Seven Years After Nirbhaya


All four Nirbhaya convicts were hanged this morning. But even seven long years after the horrific crime, there was a rape every 15 minutes in India. Did we make any amends at all after the giant outrage of 2012?

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Nirbhaya Convict’s Family Don’t Want Him Hanged


While India’s judiciary and jails prepared for the hanging, the wife, mother and son of one of the Nirbhaya convicts, Akshay Thakur begged for mercy one final time.

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Kerala Cops Dance Out Hand-Wash Lesson


Hands up, now clean them! These Kerala cops put on their dancing shoes for a “novel” cause.🕺

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Khalsa Aid Brings Cheer To Delhi Riots Epicentre


These Khalsa Aid volunteers are helping rebuild lives in Delhi’s worst riot-hit areas.

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All Is Not Well At These Coronavirus Isolation Wards


These isolation wards for people arriving in New Delhi did not make for reassuring visuals. 😓😓

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How Fishermen Help Endangered Turtles Every Year


An injured turtle struggled to lay her eggs, potential prey for stray dogs and fishing nets… Until one man came along to help her. 🐢

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Expert Says India Is Not Testing For COVID Enough


Does India have relatively few coronavirus cases because it isn't testing enough people? Public health expert Prof. T Sundararaman explains how.

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WHO Official Praises India’s Virus Containment Bid


India’s fight against coronavirus gets a thumbs up from WHO.

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Ranjan Gogoi: The Judge Who Became A Lawmaker


Former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi is now a Rajya Sabha MP. Order, order…

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