Have You Heard Of The 'Chocolate Hills'?

This fascinating natural wonder can be found in the Philippines.

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Japanese Minister’s Paternity Leave

Quite like India, Japan’s work culture is often seen as rigorous. That’s why this minister’s decision to claim his paternity leave was big news in Japan.

The Harrowing Heights of Siachen

New, eerie, outer space-like visuals of Pakistan-controlled parts of Siachen glacier show us what it's really like up there. Anadolu Agency was the first international news agency to film and report at the world's highest, costliest, coldest battlefield.

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Are Brazil's President and PM Modi BFFs?

Spot the difference! PM Modi and Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro share some striking similarities. Bolsonaro was invited by PM Modi as the official chief guest for India's 2020 republic day parade.🤝

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This Barber Shop In Tamil Nadu Is Also A Mini Library

This barber has turned the page on haircuts. Read a book, get a discount at his salon. 👏👏

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India's Most Impactful Constitutional Amendments

Here are 5 times the Indian Constitution changed the country.

What Makes Sundar Pichai A Technology Optimist?

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai about how growing up in the 1980s India piqued his interest in tech...

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Ram Guha Vs. YouTube’s Desh Bhakt

“I detest Hindutva.” Watch historian Ramachandra Guha dodge right-wing salvos in this interaction with satirist Akash Banerjee. There’s more where this came from, visit youtube.com/thedeshbhakt

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On The Right Track

This Mysuru school renovated two old coaches and turned them into classrooms 🚂

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India's Cavernous Wealth Gap And How To Fix It

The top 10% richest Indians own almost 75% of the country's wealth. That leaves around 1.2 BILLION people with what's left. How can we reduce India's wealth gap? 😮

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