Migrants Share Truck With Dead Bodies

Tragic if you die, tragic if you don't. The deadly accident involving migrant workers in Auraiya was just the beginning of a horror story.😨

21/05/2020 5:27 PM
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  • Maarishaa K.
    02/06/2020 11:25

    Uddhav received ₹342 crores in CM-CARES fund and spent only ₹23 crores on fighting the pandemic. RTI query reveals.

  • Maarishaa K.
    02/06/2020 10:51

    Bmc handed over the job to PFI , popular front of India , an anti India organisation.whst do u expect .. Chk The post of Fadnavis sir

  • Jade Y.
    24/05/2020 21:32

    So sad😥😥maybe their souls rest in a beautiful place 🙏🙏

  • Selin R.
    23/05/2020 14:21

    modi government failed to protect poor people. This is one of the greatest example of the truth...

  • शि व.
    23/05/2020 07:59

    Overpopulation......only problem...... Untill we adress this...... Nothing is going to work.....

  • Gaurav R.
    23/05/2020 04:05

    I detest the editor of this page . Whole day wailing about modi . Such pages shall be ostracized. When Muslim lick notes . That these hideous pages won’t post . But Muslims donating something will be boasted . It only knows how to do flattery of Muslims . And undermine modi’s hard work . One sided news propaganda. Trying to portray modi’s reign as a brutish one and malign his image ? Modi’s reign will never get over . No matter how hard u sly reporters try .

  • Ikki J.
    22/05/2020 19:15

    Biggest dogs BJP

  • Sharda S.
    22/05/2020 14:36


  • Jaswant S.
    22/05/2020 00:38

    Is this is govt.home and pm are in isolation.poors are on roads and railway patri and onroads and on bycycle with children with hunger and thirst in their ghatri.old men and pregnant women after delivering baby walk down500 km.Fm announce20lakh crore special budget.poor people willget is just like for meal and wter do amiss call to home and messege will reach to plane wala baba one Assaram is in jail.He was tanga wala and collected huge amount.chai wala home both are his disciple inculding defence minster.coffer made empty in self grooming and roaming in planes and making600ft patel and big st.for mega no money for poor and not for coffin. No jobs in sight as these are real jcb of India.jaasha Ram is ruling along with shaa and chai wala is plane baba.they buried democracy600feet with 303 members and destroyed jud.

  • Priyaranjan M.
    21/05/2020 13:33

    After death everything is giving but they are struggled in road not something them government

  • Phoolmattie H.
    21/05/2020 11:25

    So very sad for all of these workers those who are struggling to make a living by going so far to work and the lack of food for them.Now the accident that took so many lives and many injured workers.Really sad no compensation can remove the hurt off these people and their family

  • Nikhil C.
    21/05/2020 10:49

    Chalo koi nahi ek kaam achha ho raha h.. Ki Pollution or population dono kam ho rahi h... 😂😂😂

  • Mehzabin B.
    21/05/2020 10:47

    Extremely 😔..

  • Kameshwar S.
    21/05/2020 10:15

    This way they make ram rajya

  • Kavita L.
    21/05/2020 10:03

    God bless them the soul cries for them every time I read about these people Oh God please have mercy on these people this is really sad.

  • Syed Y.
    21/05/2020 09:23

    Compensate later, first arrange proper transportation for "free "soo tat the ppl could see there loved once.

  • Bond M.
    21/05/2020 08:50


  • Medha J.
    21/05/2020 08:23

    This is the true ... January gareeb h uska koi nai😡😡

  • Romi T.
    21/05/2020 07:27

    Friends you are doing very good. Criticizing Govt and showing the actual face.Doing good for the religion of God, humanity is known to be the religion of God.We all r having same religion as that of Almighty God.

  • Shirley S.
    21/05/2020 06:53

    Really sad and upsetting to see and hear devastating news each day of these migrants workers, l pray that things get better for these people.

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