• Suan N.
    11/03/2021 11:37

    It's crunchy and delicious for for once or twice a month..but I won't have the appetite to eat it on a regular basis like how I eat chicken and beef. They have kinda weird smells. 😅

  • Pranay N.
    10/03/2021 19:06

    Chinese affect on northeast indians! Very bad practices!

  • Billy J.
    06/03/2021 09:59

    I was thinking about breeding lady bugs they’re the best for gardens 👍👍 a gardener’s best friend. I can see it as an upcoming industry farming bugs reptile pets need them to

  • Billy J.
    06/03/2021 09:57

    I remember they sold chocolate covered bugs at the candy store haha I was a kid and I tried it just cause I was curious 😂 I’d maybe try fried crickets that sounds ok. If you were hungry you’d eat it

  • Leon L.
    05/03/2021 08:51

    Nothing wrong with it. Crickets are just land shrimps. Most of the crustations we eat are just sea bugs

  • Joseph K.
    04/03/2021 12:37

    don’t know what’s the new virus will come after consuming these bugs

  • Barbara S.
    04/03/2021 02:15

    No thanx yeeeeuuuuk

  • David W.
    03/03/2021 15:30

    Delicious, I'm sure!!

  • Rhonda M.
    03/03/2021 13:44

    I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Monsters Inside Me just ruined me 😂

  • Seth G.
    03/03/2021 12:18

    Can someone plz tell me who writes the music for these Brut nature videos

  • Yves V.
    03/03/2021 09:35

    I never ever checked for once how much C,B or whatever proteïnes Is in what I eat. I buy my food in the evening and I think during the day about my dinner . It’s all about the FLAVOR. This is going back in time for 400 000 years

  • Tuan T.
    03/03/2021 08:15

    it s dangerous though , since they are pests.

  • Monir Z.
    03/03/2021 00:43

    Hope, a new kinda pathogen isn't gonna come out.

  • Sarah C.
    03/03/2021 00:42

    Don’t be so close-minded. Crickets and mealworms taste just fine and pack more protein for their size than beef. When raised cleanly, you don’t have to worry about parasites and they’re cooked so there’s little chance of bacteria infecting you.

  • Wandaria N.
    02/03/2021 23:51

    Omg breeding another virus. Don't we have enough fools.

  • Troy D.
    02/03/2021 21:39

    I would rather feed my food with them lol

  • Carol H.
    02/03/2021 21:38


  • Joseph C.
    02/03/2021 21:31

    You can shove `em where the sun don`t shine!

  • Vitor R.
    02/03/2021 18:38

    It's possible to make some really tasty dishes with those insects? Or dehydrate them and make flour?

  • Shannon O.
    02/03/2021 18:27

    My chihuahua eats cricket crave kibble

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