• Debi L.
    23/03/2018 14:53

    Sam Perkins, yes.

  • Sam P.
    23/03/2018 12:44

    Greed once again

  • Nk D.
    15/03/2018 12:11

    I know the reason behind it Its the Prime Minister MODI

  • Balkrishna T.
    10/03/2018 15:27

    In Maharashtra state NCP a leading political party is biggest supporter of Land and Sand Mafia.

  • Rajesh R.
    10/03/2018 03:36

    (presence of silt: as it is very fine, it greatly affects the strength of concrete and causes durability effects. You cannot get sand without silt. So practically we can limit 8%).so can we just add silt and clay to illegal sand mining locations ? maybe it will stop illegal mining

  • Andrew D.
    05/03/2018 12:06

    industry needs new players. close to city, cheap transport find me on gumtree. Thanks

  • Bhaswati C.
    07/02/2018 16:41

    As long as the uneducated politicians are allowed to rule over us this would go on happening,we are responsible for getting their bank balance healthier

  • Mukesh K.
    06/02/2018 14:27

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  • Anuraag G.
    06/02/2018 13:32

    Sambhalke mafia sahab

  • Banajit S.
    06/02/2018 12:50

    To tackle the evil, you have to think like a evil. You have to enter in sand mafia to destroy it's structure.

  • Chanchal S.
    06/02/2018 12:46

    खनिज माफिया 😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth C.
    06/02/2018 12:44

    Nani Chintala let’s live in a hut to protest

  • Aditya C.
    06/02/2018 12:24

    I have started something special instead of using sand and brick

  • Avi Z.
    06/02/2018 11:23

    India is a full of illegal corrupt officers. They are d Most culprit.

  • Prashanth S.
    06/02/2018 11:11

    Yes ... true biggest SCAM in india . Polititions are involved in that mining.. One VRA officer fighted against sand mine .. Killed by sand Mafia.. recently in telanagana...

  • Gokul P.
    06/02/2018 10:43

    When u smuggle sand at unprecedented scale there will come draught and you'll die of that. Sand exploitation will deplete water levels in rivers well pond and it drastically affects agriculture..Those who work in IT will never realise this until a plate of meal or a bottle of water fetches a price of Rs 500 or 1000..

  • Sadaqat A.
    06/02/2018 10:31

    Is there any other options except this to build the construction..

  • Rachit K.
    06/02/2018 10:14

    Yeah exactly...Many IAS and IPS officers are killed because of this illegal sand mining....they try to stop them and result they got is merciless death... Because mainly people involved in dand mining are either don type or related to politician involving chief ministers ... These all thing is happening due to bloody corrupted politician and cm's... Now civil servants are sacred because of these mafia...hoe can they do their duty.... It is not acceptable...these bloody mafias must be lead to merciless death....

  • Shashank C.
    06/02/2018 09:59

    born to serve

  • Làkshây M.
    06/02/2018 09:32

    Itni ghatiya presentation

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