The Life Of Industrialist Gautam Adani

In an economic crisis, he made more wealth than India's richest man this year. This is the story of India's self-made billionaire tycoon.

18/12/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Feroz A.
    17/01/2021 14:14

    Making big pocket

  • Rajesh S.
    17/01/2021 04:42

    has problem with current govt as his mother slept with bjp or ambani adani candidate thats why he keep posting against bjp

  • Stephen F.
    16/01/2021 07:38

    Ambani & Adani are the present day Indian Mafia Dons’s underworld dons flying in helicopters literally on on money stolen from worlds most poor people..The over a billion poor Indians ...In reality they are actually enjoying luxury on public welfare funds or loans from international lenders to India, diverted by its PM and politicians for business gambling purpose, of these mafia groups.. Such money can be used to provide food and water, clothing and shelter, public education, better roads and infrastructure for its over a billion population...But India is worlds most poor country today worst than African poor countries..Imagine A billion people starving, hungry and naked. Imagine 800 million people shitting and urinating in the open streets, railway tracks, fields across India everyday...amidst these shameless billionaire homes as well... ...due to lack of toilets, clean water & lack of primary education among its billion population ...There is scarcity of drinking water forget about bath and cleaning bodies...It’s extremely stinky dirty country...Such mafia shameless people do not deserve attention and should be shamed for their actions rather ...🤦🏻🤦🏻

  • Ramesh R.
    15/01/2021 18:52

    You are great sir And you are the icon to now generation

  • Sohil G.
    14/01/2021 12:00

    Desh ka koi bhi secter aise logo ko na do jo logo ko lootne ka kam kare nahi to jis din desh ki janta garib ho jaige na tab hamara desh bhi aur gari ho jaiga

  • Manogaran R.
    14/01/2021 09:24

    FRAD of India through MODI...

  • Varun M.
    14/01/2021 09:16

    Kon janta tha isko2014 se phle

  • Kevin C.
    14/01/2021 04:42

    No he is not self made, he is RSS/Modi made billionaire..

  • Inkesar M.
    13/01/2021 13:26

    Open lootera.

  • Chitranjan D.
    11/01/2021 18:33

    Chutiye hai

  • Shreyas D.
    10/01/2021 07:02

    And finally everyone is just exhausting mother nature , and finally a time will come when he has exhausted everything in the name of money , and kill planet earth 😭😭 that's what humans are . Greedy creatures and bane to planet. 😭

  • Pankaj D.
    09/01/2021 20:41

    U just love "munapha",rest of All just a big ****

  • Vijay P.
    09/01/2021 09:05

    ये brut newz ब्रिटैन की है जो भारत के उद्योग पति और देश के लिए अच्छा करने वालो के खिलाफ देश मे ही नफरत फैलानी की मुहिम चलती है जैसा ईस्ट इंडिया कम्पनि ने किया था वैसा ताकि भारत को आज भी लुटा जा सके क्योकि उनके वहां धन दौलत है और मेंन पावर नही है जो यह कि मिट्टी में ही है यहां के उद्योग पति या यहां की कम्पनी बर्बाद होगी तो विदेसही कम्पनी यहां व्यापार जोर शोर से करेगी अभी भी वक्त है ये अंग्रेजो की नाजायज औलादों को पहचानो वरना भारतफिर से इन लोगो के तलवे चाटेगा याद रखना कड़वी बात ये

  • Kingshuk R.
    09/01/2021 07:48


  • Pina K.
    09/01/2021 05:48

    His chore go to hill

  • Ravinder S.
    08/01/2021 21:52

    Thug of India

  • Arvind C.
    07/01/2021 06:18

    You are mistaken if you are calling them an industrialist, they are pure businessmen, pure evil selfish businessmen.

  • Devendra G.
    05/01/2021 13:39

    God please give him a future like Saharashri, eagerly awaiting the day when the Monopoly creators will be put behind the bars.

  • Parmar R.
    04/01/2021 18:04


  • Makayi A.
    04/01/2021 14:28

    What a wonderful world😏

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