This Device Can Produce Free Electricity

It’s only as big as your ceiling fan. But the wind turbine developed by two brothers from Kerala can potentially offer free electricity for two decades. 🌬

08/10/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Madhusudana M.
    27/02/2019 20:25


  • Akula P.
    27/02/2019 05:13

    Good initiative, can I have their contact number...

  • Rajasekhar A.
    18/02/2019 16:23

    Excellent innovation

  • Chandrakant P.
    11/02/2019 11:49

    Wishing both the brilliant brothers...all the very best. God Bless

  • Amit A.
    05/01/2019 00:13

    Dude..provide some figures: what's the annual average electricity consumption in kWh have you assumed and how much does this turbine produce on an average daily basis? And in this what devices can be supported: fridge+fans+light+ 2-3 chargers etc etc? What's the current cost if electricity bill or the cost as per the average consumption considered? After that, explain if it really saves money? Is there a guarantee for the 20 year life span in a 50K investment?? For the poor even 50K might be a lot!!

  • Shivam B.
    03/01/2019 02:21

    check this ! 🤗

  • Rakesh M.
    29/12/2018 15:26

    Copying from alibaba

  • Vaibhav J.
    28/12/2018 04:22


  • Rakesh K.
    01/12/2018 14:51

    all technological developments for wind energy are achieved -- what new is in this and how is it better than the others, either VAWT OR HAWT.

  • Ashim D.
    01/12/2018 04:53

    How much ???

  • Adnan H.
    29/11/2018 23:44

    How much watt of power would it generate daily

  • Debra Y.
    29/11/2018 12:40

    Very cool indeed, want to watch where this goes, something I would definitely consider in the future

  • Annapurna J.
    29/11/2018 10:37

    Why is the post dated to be of 2016

  • Almas M.
    29/11/2018 08:55

    Good job

  • Bina P.
    29/11/2018 07:34

    Great work salute these two brothers

  • Sayyed A.
    29/11/2018 07:33

    Limitations - 1, Continous flow of air needed i.e. We can't apply in cities as they are less flow of air 2, Does it work with full efficiency in rainy season 3, Maintenence cost 4, Size of the turbine 5, factories are using these kind of turbine but in the small size I think these is not an invention it is a modification from factories turbines to local turbines, maybe we find more modification in future. By the way great initiative and idea 👍👍

  • Sumit P.
    29/11/2018 07:05

    Very good invention and wish the costing to come down in near future such that it could be used by every section of people in the country

  • H S.
    29/11/2018 06:45

    pathetic background music.

  • Mehboob S.
    29/11/2018 06:42

    Great job by our scientists

  • Charanjit T.
    09/11/2018 09:18

    Put me down for one. I have the space to install one. Would love you to install one as soon as you can.

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