• Rajratna G.
    05/25/2019 14:17

    Just watched PM Modi's biopic. The movie is outstanding and a Block Buster. Don't go by the paid media and their reviews. Shame on all media who are publishing negative comments. Forget whether you are a BJP, Congress, AAP or whatever party supporter, you should definitely watch it. It's millions times better than typical Bollywood movies. If you miss it, you will miss the best movie of this year. Not a single second is boring and I can guarantee that to you. Vivek Oberoi's played the character pretty well.

  • Surabhi D.
    05/25/2019 14:19

    Sairaj Pal.. tumhari candidate..😅

  • Shashwat P.
    05/25/2019 14:19

    "Pyar Kabhi nahi Harta but Congress Har Baar kyu har rahi hai Mom?" 😜

  • Shama F.
    05/25/2019 14:20

    Brut India suddenly change side. So very safe played.

  • Shreya F.
    05/25/2019 14:23

    see point number 2, Moon Moon Sen

  • Kedar S.
    05/25/2019 14:24

    Urmila Mir akhtar you lost your dignity ! The most Shameless person who abused Someones religion

  • Samrat H.
    05/25/2019 14:24

    Hahaha...Join the club Brut India#BjpRocks

  • Kaustubh F.
    05/25/2019 14:27

    Mujhe abhiman hai mere iss “suffer” pe

  • Bharat M.
    05/25/2019 14:27

    Now look like BJP paid for this to brut 😜👌😉

  • Abhishek M.
    05/25/2019 14:28

    Chowkidar chor hai, said Pappu Gandhi 😂

  • Munir B.
    05/25/2019 14:28

    Strong women...

  • Muhammad L.
    05/25/2019 14:28

    Love never loses. Love doesn't lose. 💙💙💙

  • Sayyid M.
    05/25/2019 14:29

    They should start 'Puncture slogans like Mr. Handsome did in Pakistan

  • Narayan S.
    05/25/2019 14:29

    Is she speaking from larynx or ass hole

  • Andalib H.
    05/25/2019 14:30


  • Krishna R.
    05/25/2019 14:30

    Congress please lay low for a decade and make a good strong leader who can challenge many odds not any influential background from .. They will turn out just like this pappu.....

  • Swati T.
    05/25/2019 14:31

    Haha haha

  • Nagendra C.
    05/25/2019 14:39


  • Nagendra C.
    05/25/2019 14:40

    Filmi me bhi failure

  • Dev S.
    05/25/2019 14:40

    Bade bade besharam dekhe the par Urmila jaisi pehli dekhi hai🤭