• Ajit S.
    01/08/2019 21:37

    When it Comes to people like Pmo Modi Amitshah Gadkari Fadnavis RaviShankarprasad Rajnath Singh Nirmala Sitaraman Smriti Irani Yogi adityanath Venkaiah Naidu Shah Nawaz hussain Piyush Goel Kirren Rijju kailash Varghiviya etc of BJP No Bollywood Charm can Work against them So need to pretend to be Bold Sad and happy even after getting a Royal thrashing Only BJP JaiSriKrishna

  • Kamala S.
    01/08/2019 12:49

    They are good people and failure is stepping stone to sucess

  • Geet S.
    01/08/2019 01:34

    Yes u are looking like lost person urmila

  • Saikat R.
    30/07/2019 16:42

    Tere KO har jit SE kaya nela dena , 2 minit tej dhup may khara ho ke dikha

  • Hema S.
    23/07/2019 13:58

    Dash prem ka jajb2 hei tum me

  • Baban M.
    22/07/2019 05:39

    Itkaya divas time samajashti Kay Kam kele

  • Baban M.
    22/07/2019 05:38

    Ghari bas na Bai , bakche nete ahe tychi sandhi tu ghet ahe

  • Durgarao M.
    21/07/2019 11:20

    Lost all savings

  • Anupama R.
    19/07/2019 12:13

    Munmun Sen to Gajab piyakkad lag rhi hai 😁

  • D M.
    18/07/2019 05:32

    हा मैडम, आप हारी हुई उमीदवार तो है ना?

  • Sanjay G.
    11/07/2019 14:47

    Congress suffered due to anti hindu policy.

  • Debabrata M.
    09/07/2019 15:49


  • Yogesh K.
    07/07/2019 15:45

    Ho Randi he yaar jockey shroff to huska choot paad diya

  • Yogesh K.
    07/07/2019 15:43


  • Sunil B.
    07/07/2019 10:46

    The country is not going well because you have lost the election but we are happy as people know what to do. People are clever and so they have rejected the useless candidates.

  • Radheshyam V.
    06/07/2019 06:52

    is ki maa ka bho..da

  • Shohom M.
    03/07/2019 17:50

    Yes you do, look like you had a miserable loss which you cannot accept ..

  • Gaurav G.
    03/07/2019 16:40

    I think she should be made Congress president ...

  • Ghoshal C.
    02/07/2019 17:57

    May I know your name please madam....if you have the guts to spell out ????

  • Raj S.
    02/07/2019 10:55

    So much English talk. Is she talking to Indians in India or to the English in England.

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