Inside TikTok's viral #writtenbyaman trend

Oversexualized, romanticized, unrealistic. This latest online trend is taking on the male gaze by showing how women are portrayed when they are #writtenbyaman ...

20/09/2021 8:34 PMupdated: 21/09/2021 10:36 AM

And even more


    • Umm E.
      2 days

      Could you show some written by women please. These scenes are freaking me out. They are hella cringy.

    • Thomas H.
      2 days

      I bet this chicks favorite movies are fifty shades or 365 days

    • Laura G.
      07/10/2021 10:43

      Lmao that would be me eating shredded cheese right out of the bag 😂

    • Peter M.
      06/10/2021 14:25

      Yet more nonsensical man bashing without a shred of evidence źzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Peter M.
      06/10/2021 14:23

      Sge must know a lot of stupid women of they actually have to act tge way men allegedly, want them to act. More tik tok nonsense

    • Kiki O.
      05/10/2021 12:44

      tag yourself: I'm POV written and directed by Quintin Tarantino

    • Jessica L.
      04/10/2021 06:07

      the Quentin Tarantino one 😂

    • Ress Y.
      03/10/2021 22:30

      but male protagonist written by woman authors are over fantasized and not realistic too. Besides if it's for fiction and story so it's natural to be not realistic, most of it is for the plot. So if it's the other way around it's sexualizing?? As long as it's not over cringy and demoralizing it's fine.

    • Nermeen E.
      03/10/2021 21:48

      the one written by Tarantino 🤣

    • Keefer Z.
      03/10/2021 16:10

      Women complain about being oxersexualized by men but do it to themselves as well. Nice.

    • Basma A.
      03/10/2021 14:51


    • Tesha C.
      03/10/2021 11:21

      It’s funny seeing all the “omg don’t say mean things about men” women in here. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Atish B.
      03/10/2021 03:37

      You people talk about being equal or even stronger than men but at the same time everything seem to offend & threaten you. First decide are you strong or fragile, or do you feel only strong enough when men bend over backwards to please you. First decide how do you want to be treated by men, as equals or fragile snowflakes that need protection from every little thing.

    • J.c. J.
      02/10/2021 20:17

      Ill give this 2 weeks. this trend will die eventually. Tiktok yeah do it for the clout yeahh

    • Miguel T.
      02/10/2021 18:49

      Thanks for the vaginal cancer.

    • Jayne D.
      02/10/2021 15:58

      I find the books written by women that still have unrealistic women even worse

    • Cari J.
      02/10/2021 15:17


    • Brydie A.
      02/10/2021 11:52

      the ending is fantastic

    • Rosey K.
      02/10/2021 08:47

      The cheese shreds out the fridge 💀💀🤣🤣

    • Regina P.
      02/10/2021 07:46


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