Kareena And Neha Dhupia On Motherhood

What does it take to raise a child? A lot of goof-ups, apparently. 🤷 In this conversation with Kareena, Neha Dhupia tries to decode motherhood. Thanks to Filmy Mirchi!

21/02/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Alishba B.
    09/10/2021 19:31

    These women keep on taking about motherhood and other time they are against about the questions asked by common people what a diplomatic approach ....they want to talk about it but don't want to listen to anything in return .

  • Kajal L.
    05/10/2021 09:18

    You guys got maids, people around every time to take care of your kids yet still complaining!!!

  • Garima G.
    11/09/2021 10:41

    Pathetic fakesters alert * both * 🙄🙄🙄

  • Anwesha D.
    19/08/2021 21:39

    The first two mothers on this planet.. kudosss guys

  • Barsha S.
    17/08/2021 11:13

    These celebs after becoming mother have no other work other than discussing how much tough it is for them to raise their children... please come to our house we will show you what it is being a working woman, a housewife and raising kids

  • Hiral H.
    12/08/2021 19:34

    I had my baby aftr 6 yrs of marriage I hd gone through a postpartum depression I was nt ready to pick him up for few days but never forgot him Forgetting is toooooo much

  • Rii M.
    03/08/2021 16:40

    Nonsense neha

  • Devoleena P.
    31/07/2021 08:10

    That's over acting 🙄🙄🙄when you become a monther ,you will never forget that you have a child ....Fake feminist.

  • Namrata S.
    30/07/2021 17:45

    Copyin Kim Kardashian...b original

  • Ushmita M.
    29/07/2021 10:34

    " how to raise a child??"" This question is not for celebs.. They hire multiple nannies to raise their children...

  • Rchit P.
    27/07/2021 14:47

    That's her choice indeed..

  • Kavita M.
    25/07/2021 04:11

    Why only celebrities questioned on motherhood..who already have a caretaker to look after their babies..

  • Priyanka C.
    20/07/2021 14:48

    Dono pgl

  • Rekha N.
    14/07/2021 07:06

    What forgetting her child upstairs with nanny while going out and says she is not used to it aa...this is highly means highly tooo much

  • Anjana D.
    12/07/2021 11:56

    These are really sucks

  • Sreelatha S.
    11/07/2021 09:22

    Such an idiotic woman.

  • Ananta A.
    10/07/2021 06:50

    Both are practicing English speaking

  • Chittrangada R.
    07/07/2021 22:21


  • Nikki A.
    04/07/2021 11:34

    My all Monday fast keep for angad bedi

  • Tina T.
    17/06/2021 13:48

    Both are bundlebaaz

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